Receive these types of notifications:

  • Task created
  • Assignee changed
  • Status changed
  • New attachment
  • New comment

How to enable Slack Notifications 

Step 1: Authorize Slack from the 'Integrations' page

Note: Only Workspace admins have access to integrations. 

Go to the Integrations page in Workspace Settings; click the button and you’ll be redirected to Slack to grant ClickUp access. 

Step 2: Add Notifications 

  1. Select a Workspace
  2. Select a Folder (optional)
  3. Select a List (optional)
  4. Select Slack channel: This is the channel in Slack where your notifications will be posted. 

Again, you can customize and add as many notifications to send to Slack as you like. Get granular by selecting Folders and Lists to filter out unwanted noise. 

Unfurling ClickUp links in Slack

With the ClickUp Slack integration, the unfurl feature is automatically enabled. 

Slack Actions

Check out this doc to learn about creating tasks and sending messages to tasks right from Slack!

Having trouble with Slack? Chat with a Slack representative here.

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