Sometimes identifying tasks can be tricky, especially using arbitrary task names.

For this reason, all ClickUp tasks have a unique task ID making them easily identifiable for your whole team. 

Task ID in the URL

how to see task ID from URL

You can find the task ID at the end of the URL when you're viewing a task.

Task ID in the task menu

Screenshot of the task settings menu highlighting the Task ID button.

Task ID in List view

how to see task ID in List view

Find a task ID in List view after revealing the ID column!

Pro tip: List view IDs are click-to-copy

Github/Bitbucket/GitLab Commits

To automatically add Github, GitLab, or Bitbucket commits to tasks, in the front of a commit message, include the ClickUp task ID. You must also include a hashtag in front of the ID. 


Task URL:

find task ID via Github integration

Task ID: #qh5n 

Commit message: "#qh5n Changed background color of landing page, red to purple"

Custom Task IDs

Workspaces on our Business Plan and above can create Custom Task IDs by toggling on the ClickApp for any Space!

With Custom Task IDs, you're able to set IDs like Issue-123 or Sales-123 that automatically increment by 1 with every new task you create.

Custom Task IDs makes it easier to:

  • Reference and remember tasks in meetings

  • Reference tasks via our git integrations (e.g. Github, GitLab, Bitbucket)

how to add custom task IDs

Note: If you have Tasks in Multiple Lists enabled, tasks that are in multiple Lists have a Home List (the List farthest to the left in task view). When using these integrations, you must link your git repo to the Space that contains the Home List. Linking your repo to a Space that does not contain the Home List will not work. This is true whether you're using a Custom Task ID or normal ClickUp ID.

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