No more notification overload for you! We've reimagined what notifications should be in project management - and ClickUp is the only app to give you complete control over every notification you receive on every platform. 

Granular Notifications

You decide which actions in ClickUp trigger notifications and on which platform! Keep in mind notifications are unique to each Workspace you're part of. 

Notifications are either on (purple), off (grey), or required (asterisk). Required notifications ensure important activity isn't lost by any member of your Workspace, and ensures some consistency within the app. 

Important Note: Granular notification preferences are set at the user level. All Workspace members will need to proceed to their notifications page to determine which notifications they want to receive.


  • Email - Choose what actions to receive emails for. Send yourself a daily Due Dates summary email at a specific time of the day. A great way to know what's going to be important in the day ahead.

    Note: ClickUp avoids sending this email on weekends when no tasks are due

  • Mobile - Choose what sends push notifications to your Android, iOS, or Fire device - with or without sound!

  • Web App - Many items here are required to prevent the loss of accountability, but there's still plenty of customization to be made. 

  • Browser - Desktop/browser notifications can be enabled or disabled for any activity in ClickUp


Choose which comments to receive notifications about.

Options include:

  • Assigned comments

  • Resolved comments

  • Comments you're @mentioned in

  • New Comments

  • Reactions

Note: To prevent notification overload, ClickUp doesn't send notifications about replies to a comment thread you haven't been @mentioned in, or replied to.

New Tasks

By default ClickUp won't notify you of new tasks, however, you're able to make a few decisions here. 

  • Be notified of new tasks

  • Go all-out and be added as a watcher for every new task

Another handy option is being added as a watcher of parent tasks you're watching. After all, there's a reason you're watching the parent task right? 

Smart Notifications

ClickUp knows when you're active in the app and can hold notifications from alerting you through other platforms (mobile and email) for a custom period of time. This gives you time to clear updates at your own pace without any notification overload.

Any notifications you clear in-app, will not be sent to your devices. 

Daily Summary

Receive a daily email with tasks due today, tomorrow, and all overdue tasks. You can choose what time you want the email sent! 

We'll send you an email only when you have tasks due today, tomorrow, or tasks that are overdue within the past 3 days. You can include all tasks or the ones assigned to you! On weekends, we'll only send you emails if you have tasks due on the weekend. 

Scheduled Notifications and Reminders

  • Due Date before overdue reminder: Be reminded before your task is due! You can choose to be reminded from 5 minutes up to 3 days before your task is due!

  • Due Date after overdue reminder: Your safety net! You can be notified up from 5 minutes up to 3 days after your unfinished task goes overdue. 

  • Start Date before start reminder: Be reminded before your task is scheduled to start! You can choose to be reminded from 5 minutes up to 3 days before your task starts!

You may also select whether to receive the following notifications for all tasks you're watching or just the one's you're assigned to. 

ClickBot Notifications

Using Automations to help manage your workflow and tasks? Customize the notifications for activity performed by Clickbot!

  1. Scroll down to the ClickApps section

  2. Select your preferences for ClickBot notifications

Where to change your Notification settings

Option 1

  1. Go to your Notifications page by clicking the bell symbol on sidebar in the left hand side of your screen

  2. Click the settings gear icon to the right of the Notifications title

Option 2

  1. Click on your profile avatar at the bottom left of your screen

  2. Select Notifications 


We're already working on adding TONS of new notification settings, some of these include:

  • Webhooks

  • Integrations


Pro Tip

Bulk-enable notifications at the row or column headers. Just look for these icons: 

Desktop Notifications

This is handled through browser notifications selections here:

To learn more about managing Notifications in the app, view this article

Be sure to let us know what else you would like to see on our feedback board here!

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