See your scheduled tasks on the go using Calendar view on Mobile!

Tasks that appear in Calendar view are color coded based on the task's status.

Changes made to a Calendar view on Mobile will instantly update the same view on other devices.

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Access Calendar views

See any existing Calendar views you've created on web or mobile.

You can access Calendar views from the Sidebar:

  1. Swipe right from the left side of your screen or tap the Sidebar menu icon to reveal the Sidebar.

  2. Browse to a Space, Folder, or List in your Workspace.

  3. Tap the view button displayed under the name of the location.

  4. Select a Calendar view.

Search and filter tasks in Calendar view

You can view your tasks using search and filtering options in Calendar view on mobile.

  • Search: Find tasks by searching for them.

  • Filter: Show tasks that meet certain criteria.

  • Show closed: Show or hide closed tasks.

From any Calendar view on Mobile:

  1. Tap the filter icon at the top-right to reveal the search, filter, and show closed options.

  2. Search, filter, or show closed tasks.

  3. Your Calendar view will update immediately!

  4. Tap Save view to keep your changes.

You can choose your time scale for Calendar view including:

  • Day: Displays the current day.

  • Week: Displays the current week.

  • Month: Displays the current month.

  • Work week: Displays the current week excluding weekends.

  • Schedule: Displays tasks in chronological order.

You can tap Today from any time scale to scroll to today's date.

Screenshot of Calendar view including time scale options

Create a Calendar view

You can create a Calendar view on Mobile.

  1. Navigate to the Everything level, Space, Folder or List in your Workspace.

  2. Tap the current view displayed under the location name.

  3. Tap + Add view.

  4. Select Calendar view.

  5. Your Calendar view will be added immediately!

Screenshot of the Add view menu on Mobile

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