Email Automations can be used to automatically send emails from your ClickUp Workspace based on certain parameters! Automations eliminate the need for any manual input from you or any of your team members.

What you'll need

Create an email Automation

Once the Automation and Email ClickApps have been enabled for your Workspace, you can create an email Automation.

To create the Automation:

  1. Click the ellipsis ... for any List, Folder, or Space and select Automations.

  2. Select +Add Automation, then Email from the sidebar.

  3. Once your desired Automation is selected, it will ask you to choose an account, or sign in.

  4. Fill out all relevant details such as To, Subject, and Body.

  5. Click Create and your Automation will be created.

Variable field options

You can also add organic and/or dynamic content to the body of your email Automation. This includes options for variable fields, signature, templated responses, emojis, and more!

Variable field options include the following options which can be added to the Subject and Body of an email:

  • Task ID

  • Task name

  • Task description

  • Assignees

  • Creator username

  • Creator email

  • Due date

  • Start date

  • Date created

  • Date updated

  • Date done

  • Date closed

  • Status name

  • Status color

  • Status type

  • Priority

  • Custom Fields

Note: Progress (auto), Formula, and Rollup Custom Fields are not currently available in the subject/body.

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