Whiteboard has everything you need to showcase your team's ideas.

Add images or screenshots. Use the pen to sketch out a concept. Pin related tasks right to the board. Bookmark a website. Use the connector tool to visualize relationships.

Note: Our Whiteboard feature is currently in Beta. We'd love to hear your feedback!

What you'll need

Note: We are working on improving the performance of Whiteboard while using Safari.

We'll cover

Use the Whiteboard toolbar

After you've added a Whiteboard view to the Everything, Space, Page, or List level, you can get to work. The toolbar allows you to quickly and easily draw and add other content to your Whiteboard!

  • Mode selector: Move objects or move the whole canvas

    • Select (V): Click to select individual objects or click and drag to select multiple objects

    • Move (M): Click to grab the Whiteboard canvas and move it around

  • ClickUp Objects (Shift + T): Create, find, and select a task in your Workspace to create a dynamic task card

  • Draw (Shift + D): Draw with three convenient pen sizes and a range of vibrant colors. Resize by dragging the corners of the object

  • Shapes (Shift + S): Add a square, diamond, triangle, circle, or trapezoid shape to your Whiteboard. Resize by dragging the corners of the object

  • Notes (Shift + N): Add sticky notes in a variety of fun colors. Notes scale vertically to the amount of text you type

  • Text box (Ctrl + T): Add a text box. Boxes scale vertically to the amount of text you type

  • Connector tool (Shift + C): Visually represent relationships between any type of content

  • Website Cards: Add a website card by pasting a link

  • Upload tool: Upload an image file from your computer

Use rich text formatting and @mentions

There are so many options to make your Whiteboards more dynamic!

Shapes, notes, and text boxes feature rich text formatting. Type / to see the menu of available options.

Screenshot highlighting the Whiteboard rich text formatting menu.

You can also @mention people, tasks, and Docs.

  • Type @ for people

  • Type @@ for tasks

  • Type @@@ for Docs

Tip: When you open a Whiteboard that you or your team is working on, it opens right to the last object added.

Add a new or existing task

You can add a new or existing task to your Whiteboard. Any new task is visible in Whiteboard view and any other view in the location.

  • Search for tasks

  • Add a recently viewed task

  • Browse tasks

    Screenshot of the Tasks tab of the ClickUp Objects modal, pointing out the Browse tasks button.

Tip: Adding Lists and Docs is coming soon!

To create a new task:

  1. Click the ClickUp Objects icon

  2. Click + Create new task

  3. Add a task name

    • You can add assignee(s), Custom Fields, time estimates, and Sprint points

  4. Click Create

  5. The new task displays immediately on the Whiteboard. You can also find it in any other view in the location

Copy objects

You can copy and paste most objects on a Whiteboard.

  • For Macs use the shortcut Cmd + C to copy and Cmd + P to paste

  • For Windows use the shortcut Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + C to paste

Note: You can't copy and paste tasks or connectors.

Add connectors

Connectors are lines or arrows that represent a relationship between objects on your Whiteboard. Objects are the content on your Whiteboard. All objects can be connected.

To add a connector:

  1. From the Whiteboard toolbar, select the connector tool icon

    Screenshot of the connector tool and tooltip that reads,
  2. Hover over any object on your Whiteboard to highlight it

  3. Click and drag the cursor to the other object

  4. When the second object is highlighted, the connector attaches

Screenshot showing two highlighted objects with a connector between them.

You can use the connector toolbar to customize your connectors.

GIF showing connectors connecting objects on a Whiteboard.
  • Color modal: Select from nine colors

  • Connector style menu: Select from three line weights

  • Arrow menu: Move the arrowhead to the start or end of the line

  • Connector type menu: Select a straight, elbow, or curved line

  • Trash can: Use to delete the line

Add images

You can add images to your Whiteboard by uploading files from your computer or by embedding anything from a URL.

You can upload the following filetypes to your Whiteboard from the toolbar:

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • SVG

There are two ways to add an image:

  • Drag and drop files from your computer into the upload area

  • Click Browse to find and upload a file

Note: You can add up to 1 GB of image files!

Add a Website Card

Add a card for your favorite website, or other content, via URL.

  1. Click the Website Card icon

  2. Copy and paste a URL into the field

  3. Click Add

    Screenshot of Website Card on Whiteboard.
  4. The content is added to your Whiteboard as a card

    Screenshot of Website Card on Whiteboard.

    Tip: You can paste the URL of a ClickUp Doc to create a Doc Card.

Edit objects

You can update and customize shapes, lines, and connectors on your Whiteboard by selecting them.

  1. Use Select mode to select a shape, line, sticky note, or connector

  2. The object's toolbar will appear above the selected object

Screenshot of the tool highlighting the Browse tasks option

Now that you've added objects, learn the different ways you can move objects around your Whiteboard!

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