Collaborate with your team in real time using our virtual Whiteboard feature.

Navigation is versatile. Use your mouse or trackpad, keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys.

Note: Whiteboard views are in Beta. We'd love to hear your feedback!

What you'll need

Note: We are working on improving the performance of Whiteboard while using Safari.

We'll cover

Select, Move, and zoom

There are two modes to navigate a Whiteboard.

  • Select (V): Click to select individual items or click and drag to select multiple items

  • Move (M): Click to grab the whiteboard canvas and move around

Switch between the items using the mode selector tool at the top of the toolbar.

In either Select or Move mode, using two fingers together on a touchpad allows you to move in any direction around your Whiteboard.

In Select mode:

  • The scroll wheel moves your Whiteboard up and down

  • Press and hold the Spacebar to temporarily switch to Move mode

To zoom in and out:

  • Mac: Press and hold Ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel and up and down

  • Windows: Press and hold Ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel up and down

  • Press + or - to zoom in and out

  • Pinch to zoom using your touchpad

Organize objects with Smart Alignment Guidelines

Use Smart Alignment Guidelines to evenly position objects against each other on your Whiteboard. A red guideline automatically displays when objects are aligned at the left, right, top, or bottom edges.

Screenshot showing Smart Alignment Guidelines being used to evenly position objects.

Navigate with Keyboard shortcuts

Save clicks using our handy keyboard shortcuts.


Mac shortcut

Windows shortcut


Cmd + C

Ctrl + C


Cmd + V

Ctrl + V


Cmd + Z

Ctrl + Z


Cmd + Shift + Z

Ctrl + Shift + Z

Bring forward

Move an item one layer above other items



Send backward

Move an item in front of all other items

Cmd + [

Ctrl + [

Deselect the current item




  • Click and drag your mouse to group one or more objects together.

  • A blue line appears around objects that are grouped
    Type Cmd + G and the objects stay grouped, but the blue guideline disappears

  • Type Cmd + G again and those objects are ungrouped

Cmd + G

Ctrl + G

Navigate with Hotkeys

Use these hotkeys in Whiteboard.



Task tool

Shift + T


Shift + D


Shift + S

Sticky notes

Shift + N

Text box

Ctrl + T

Connector tool

Shift + C

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