Use your Sidebar to manage your Docs inside the ClickUp hierarchy. Add key Docs to your Sidebar inside Spaces and Folders next to Lists.

Get more organized by creating and applying custom Doc tags. Categorize Docs using Doc tags then filter to easily find information.

You can also use both methods so your team can find important info quickly, no matter how they search for it!

What you'll need

  • You can add Docs to Sidebar on any ClickUp Plan

  • Unlimited Doc tags are available on our Business Plus Plan and Enterprise Plan

  • 100 uses of Doc tags are included on the Free Forever, Unlimited, and Business Plans

  • Guests can add or remove tags from a Doc, but they can't create, edit, or delete Doc tags

  • Guests can only use Workspace Doc tags

  • Guests can't add, move, or remove Docs to and from Sidebar

Doc tag actions that count as uses:

  • Creating a tag

  • Adding a tag to a Doc

  • Removing a tag from a Doc

  • Deleting a tag

We'll cover

  1. Organize Docs in Sidebar

  2. Add Docs to Folders

  3. Create Docs in Folders

  4. Organize Docs with Doc tags

  5. Search for Docs with Doc tags

Organize Docs in Sidebar

Many organizations share a Workspace and make a Folder for each team or department. But what about the info used by everyone, like company-wide documents or policies and procedures?

Add a Doc to a Space or Folder to display it next to any List in that location. After you add a Doc to your Sidebar you can click and drag to move it to any location in your Workspace.

Screenshot of a Doc next to a List in a Folder.

Add Docs to Folders

You can use Folders to group similar Docs together.

  1. Open Doc Settings from the Doc you're adding to the Folder

  2. Select Add to

  3. Select Sidebar

  4. Search or navigate to the Folder. If you don't have an existing Folder, create a new one

  5. Click the box to add the Doc to the Folder

Create Docs in Folders

You can also create new Docs from Folders.

  1. Click the + icon next to the Folder

  2. Select New Doc

    Screenshot of adding a new Doc from a Folder.
  3. Open the new Doc and add some valuable info for your team

Organize Docs with Doc tags

Tags shine when you need to group, view, or manage related Docs that don't have a formal Relationship or have been shared with a location in your Workspace's hierarchy.

The quickest way to create a Doc tag:

  1. Click the tags icon at the top-right of a Doc

  2. Enter the name of your new Doc tag

    Screenshot of Tags modal and color menu.
  3. A color is automatically chosen. To choose a different color open the color menu and click the color circle to the bottom-right.

    Tip: To customize your color even more click the dropper icon at the bottom of the color modal.

You can also create Doc tags from the Docs Settings menu or from Docs Home.

After you create a group of Doc tags, you're ready to use them to organize your Docs!

Search for Docs with Doc tags

You can use Doc tags to find your Docs.

To search using multiple filters:

  1. In Sidebar click Docs to expand the Docs menu to use the Doc tags search filter

  2. Click the Show filter to set your tag filter preferences

    Screenshot of the Doc tags search filter.
  3. Sort by All, Private, or Workspace types of tags

  4. Order tags by most used or alphabetically

  5. Find Docs that contain any or all of the tags you're filtering for

For a quick search click one or more of the tags to the right of the Show filter to find all Docs that tag is applied to.

Can't find the tag you're looking for? Click View all to search, filter, and sort all Doc tags.

Screenshot of the tags to the right of the Show button.

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