Become ClickUp Verified as a power user, social ambassador, or as a ClickUp Consultant and we'll add the official Verified Check to your Profile!

What does the Verified Check look like?

Here's an example of a Verified Power User.

Screenshot of a Verified Power User badge on their Profile

Where can I see a Verified Check?

The Verified Check will be shown throughout any Workspaces you have created or joined, including:

Screenshot of the task assignee field in List view highlighting a Verified Power User

How do I get Verified?

There are three ways to get verified.

  1. Become a power user: You'll automatically become Verified if you're in the top 10% of active ClickUp users—so keep up the productivity!

  2. Promote ClickUp as a social ambassador: Shout us out on social, share our content, and spread the word of ClickUp to become eligible for verification.

  3. Help others as an expert: Down the road we'll have new opportunities for certifications and badges for admins and ClickUp consultants who'd like to dive deeper into ClickUp.

Tip: Want to check your progress towards being in the top 10% of ClickUp users? Contact us at

Share your verified status

You can easily share your Verified status on social media.

  1. Open your Profile

  2. Click your Verified Check

  3. Click Learn more

  4. Click Share it to your LinkedIn or Twitter!

Screenshot of the Verified Power User page highlighting the Share it button and options

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