Looking for a way to connect your best ideas with your projects and work?

Whiteboards are the fastest way to collaborate with your team, brainstorm big picture concepts, and bridge the gap between ideation and getting work done.

Draw with a pen, add shapes and connectors, upload images, and embed almost anything, including ClickUp tasks and external content to take your whiteboarding to the next level!

Note: Our Whiteboards feature is currently in Beta. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Tip: To get the best experience, we recommend enabling hardware acceleration.

What you'll need

Note: We are working on improving the performance of Whiteboards while using Safari.

We'll cover

  1. Real-time collaboration

  2. Add a Whiteboard view

  3. Edit Whiteboard view settings

  4. Navigate and select items

  5. Add items to your Whiteboard

  6. Add tasks

  7. Edit items

  8. Add other content to your Whiteboard

  9. Keyboard shortcuts

  10. FAQ and troubleshooting

Real-time collaboration

You can see who else is viewing and working on your Whiteboard. Their avatar appears in the top right corner of your Whiteboard.

You'll also see their mouse cursor appear on the screen and any changes they are making will happen in real time!

Screenshot of a Whiteboard showing user's avatars and mouse cursor

Add a Whiteboard view

Whiteboards can be added to your Workspace alongside views at the Everything, Space, Folder, and List levels.

  1. Browse to the location where you want to add a Whiteboard view

  2. Click + View

  3. Select Whiteboard under Page views

  4. Click Add view

  5. A new whiteboard will be created!

Screenshot of the add view screen highlighting Whiteboard

Tip: Not seeing Whiteboard as an option? Refresh your browser to make sure you're using the newest version of ClickUp.

Edit Whiteboard view settings

You can change the settings and preferences for a Whiteboard just like any other view!

  1. Hover over the name of a Whiteboard view and click the ellipsis

  2. Select the setting to update your Whiteboard view

View options menu includes:

  • Pin

  • Favorite

  • Duplicate

  • Move

  • Share view

  • Delete

  • More settings:

    • Personal view

    • Default for everyone

Screenshot of the Whiteboards view settings menu

Navigate and select items

There are two modes to navigate Whiteboards and select items.

  • Select (V): Click to select individual items or click and drag to select multiple items

  • Move (M): Click to grab the whiteboard canvas and move around

Switch between the items using the mode selector tool at the top of the toolbar.

Screenshot of the Whiteboard toolbar

Move around your Whiteboard

In either select or move mode, using two fingers together on a touchpad allows you to move in any direction around your Whiteboard.

In select mode:

  • The scroll wheel moves your Whiteboard up and down

  • Press and hold Space to temporarily switch to move mode


To zoom in and out of your Whiteboard, you can pinch to zoom using a touchpad.

  • Mac: Press and hold control ^ and scroll your mouse wheel and up and down

  • Windows: Press and hold Ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel up and down

  • Or press + or - to zoom in and out

Add items to your Whiteboard

The toolbar allows you to quickly and easily draw and add content to your Whiteboard!

Screenshot of the Whiteboard toolbar highlighting the Shapes tool

Tools include:

  • Mode selector

  • Task tool (Shift + T): Create, find and select a task in your Workspace to create a dynamic task card

  • Draw (Shift + D): Draw with three convenient sizes and a range of vibrant colors

  • Shapes (Shift + S): Add a square, diamond, triangle, circle, or trapezoid shape to your Whiteboard. Perfect for creating flowcharts!

  • Sticky notes (Shift + N): Add sticky notes in a variety of fun colors

  • Text Box (Control ^ + T): Add a text box to your Whiteboard

  • Connector tool (Shift + C): Visually represent relationships between any items on your Whiteboard! Once you add a connector, select it to change the line color, weight, and choose between straight or angled.

  • Bookmark tool: Add a website bookmark

  • Upload tool: Upload an image file from your computer

Add tasks

You can add tasks to your Whiteboard by clicking the task tool on the toolbar.

Options include:

  • Search for tasks

  • Add a recently viewed task

  • Browse tasks

  • Create new tasks

Screenshot of the task tool highlighting the Browse tasks option

Tip: Adding Lists and Docs are coming soon!

Create a new task

Create a new task and add it to your Whiteboard.

  1. Click the task tool from the toolbar

  2. Click + Create new task

  3. Click Select List and create a new List or browse for the List where you want to create the new task

  4. Add a task name

  5. Fill out the assignee, Custom Fields, time estimates, and Sprint points if applicable

  6. Click Create

  7. The new task will be created and added to your Whiteboard!

Edit items

You can update and customize shapes, lines, and connectors on your whiteboard by selecting them.

  1. Use select mode to select a shape, line, sticky note, or connector

  2. The item toolbar will appear above the selected item

Screenshot of the color picker for a shape

Options include:

  • Shapes: Change color, delete shape

  • Lines: Change color, delete line

  • Sticky notes: Change color, delete sticky note

  • Connector: Change color, change weight (thin, medium, thick), set Connector type (straight line, angle line), delete connector

Add other content to your Whiteboard

You can add images to your whiteboard by uploading files from your computer or by embedding anything from a URL.

Supported filetypes

You can upload the following filetypes to your Whiteboard from the Toolbar:

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • SVG

Upload files

You can upload image files from your computer:

  1. Open the upload tool from the toolbar

    • Either drag and drop files from your computer into the upload area

    • or click Browse to find and upload a file

Screenshot of the upload tool highlighting the browse option

Add a website bookmark

Add a bookmark of your favorite website or other content via URL.

  1. Open the bookmark tool from the toolbar

  2. Copy and paste a URL into the Embed URL field

  3. The content will be added to your website as a nice website bookmark

Screenshot of the bookmark tool highlighting the URL field

Keyboard shortcuts

Save clicks using our handy keyboard shortcuts.


  • Mac: CMD + C

  • Windows: CTRL + C


  • Mac: CMD + V

  • Windows: CTRL + V


  • Mac: CMD + Z

  • Windows: CTRL + Z


  • Mac: CMD + Shift + Z

  • Windows: CTRL + Shift + Z

Bring forward: ]

Move an item one layer above other items on your Whiteboard.

Send Backward: [

Move an item one layer behind other items on your Whiteboard.

Bring to front

Move an item in front of all other items on your Whiteboard.

  • Mac: CMD + ]

  • Windows: CTRL + ]

Send to back

Move an item behind all other items on your Whiteboard.

  • Mac: CMD + [

  • Windows: CTRL + [

Escape: Esc

Deselects the current item.

For example, when adding text inside a shape, pressing Esc once will stop editing the text, but keep the shape selected. Pressing Esc a second time will deselect the shape.


The following hotkeys are also available through Command Center only when using a Whiteboard view.

  • Task tool (Shift + T)

  • Draw (Shift + D)

  • Shapes (Shift + S)

  • Sticky notes (Shift + N)

  • Text Box (Control ^ + T)

  • Connector tool (Shift + C)

FAQ and troubleshooting

Enable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

To get the best experience using Whiteboards we recommend enabling hardware acceleration in Google Chrome.

  1. Open Google Chrome

  2. Click on the Settings icon

  3. Search for hardware acceleration or click on Advanced and System

  4. Enable Use hardware acceleration when available

  5. Navigate to a ClickUp Whiteboard view

Screenshot of Google Chrome settings highlighting the Use hardware acceleration option

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