Whiteboards are the fastest way to collaborate with your team and bridge the gap between ideation and getting work done. Changes to your Whiteboard save automatically.

Draw with a pen, add shapes and connectors, upload images, and embed almost anything, including ClickUp tasks and external content to take your whiteboarding to the next level.

For even more dynamic Whiteboards, use rich text formatting for shapes, notes, and text boxes!

Note: Whiteboard views are in Beta. We'd love to hear your feedback!

What you'll need

Note: We are working on improving the performance of Whiteboard while using Safari.

We'll cover

Collaborate in real time

Whiteboard is built for collaboration. Use Whiteboard to track your sprint planning, brainstorm marketing collateral concepts, or to help remote students work together.

Your team members' avatars display in the top-right corner. You can see who's watching your Whiteboard.

When team members click into and move around your Whiteboard, their mouse cursor appears on your screen. Any changes they make happen in real time.

GIF showing team members avatars and their cursors moving around in a Whiteboard.

Add a Whiteboard view

A Whiteboard is a work area you can add at the Everything, Space, Folder, or List level as a view.

  1. From the location you want to add the view, click + View

  2. Select Whiteboard

    • Choose Personal view to keep your Whiteboard for your own use

    • Choose Pin view to pin your Whiteboard to the top of the location you're adding it to. This works just like pinning any other view.

  3. Click Add View

Screenshot of the Whiteboard ellipsis menu.

Access your Whiteboard

Hover over the name of a Whiteboard view and click the ellipsis ... Choose one of the following options for storing your Whiteboard to find it easily again in the future.

  • Pin it in the same place as its related tasks, like you would any other view

  • Favorite it

  • Move it to Everything or another Space, Folder, or List

  • Set Sharing & Permissions

  • Make it a personal view

  • Make it a default view for everyone

  • Use the link icon in the upper-right to copy and share it

Enable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

To get the best experience using Whiteboard we recommend enabling hardware acceleration in Google Chrome.

  1. From the upper-right of your Chrome browser, click the three dots icon

    Screen shot showing location of the the three dots icon in the upper-right of the Chrome browser.
  2. Select Settings

  3. Click Advanced and select System

  4. Enable Use hardware acceleration when available

  5. Navigate to a ClickUp Whiteboard view

Next steps

Now that your Whiteboard is created and you understand how to manage its settings, you're ready to get to work.

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