Apply rich formatting to the text in your Docs to create engaging and consistent content for any audience!

Toolbar formatting options

You can format text using the toolbar.

Options include:

  • Turn into: converts the selected text into headings, banners, code block, or a quote block

  • Bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, inline code formatting

  • Font color and highlights: select from a range of vibrant colors and highlights

  • Position: Set text to left, center, or right justified and set indentation

  • Lists: Format text as a bulleted, check, numeric, or toggle list

  • Insert a hyperlink

  • Create a subpage

  • Add a comment

  • Create a new task

  • Open the formatting settings menu

Formatting settings menu

Access the formatting settings menu by clicking the ellipsis icon on the toolbar.

Options include:

  • Set the toolbar position

    • Default: the toolbar only appears above the selected text

    • Pinned: the toolbar is always displayed at the top of a Doc

    • Floating: the toolbar can be drag-and-dropped anywhere on the page, and will stay in that location while scrolling

  • Undo/Redo

  • Insert: add a task, comment, image, divider, toggle list, table, list of tasks, button, table of contents, or embed a YouTube video

  • Clear format

  • Copy markdown: copies selected text with markdown formatting

Screenshot of the toolbar settings menu

Format text with the toolbar

Apply formatting options to specific text in a Doc using the toolbar.

  1. Select text in a Doc

    Pro tip: You can add a comment, create a new page, or create a new task using the pop-up quick actions menu which appears whenever you select some text!

  2. Use the toolbar to adjust your text formatting

Screenshot of the toolbar and quick actions menu for selected text on a Doc

Apply formatting with /Slash Commands

  1. Place your cursor at the beginning of a block of text or on a new line

  2. Type / to open the Slash Commands menu

  3. Start typing the /Slash Command to search for the command you need

  4. Press Enter to apply it!

Screenshot of the Slash Commands search prompt showing popular commands

Popular /Slash Commands for Docs

Some popular time saving /Slash Commands for Docs include:

  • /h1, /h2, /h3: format text as headings

  • /norm: format text as normal text

  • /div: add a divider between sections of content

  • /bul: add a bulleted list

  • /check: add a checklist

  • /num: add a numbered list

  • /table: add a table

  • /in: format text as inline code

  • /co: format text as a code block

  • /q: format text as a quote block

  • /k: add a hyperlink

  • /lview: insert List view

  • /tview: insert Table view

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