Find and manage all the Docs in your Workspace in Docs Home.

Organize and work on Docs in one convenient location, no matter where or who your Docs are shared with!

What you'll need

  • Docs Home is available on all ClickUp Plans.

  • A Workspace owner or admin must enable the Docs Home ClickApp.

  • Docs Home is available to guests, members, and admins.

Open Docs Home

  1. Click Docs from the Sidebar.

  2. Select a view to see the Docs in your Workspace.

Screenshot of Docs Home in the Sidebar

Docs Home views

Docs Home includes convenient views of the Docs in your Workspace.

  • All: Includes all Docs you have access to view, comment, or edit.

  • Assigned to me: View Docs with comments assigned to you.

  • Shared: View Docs that have been shared with the Workspace or a specific Location.

  • Private: View Docs that have not been shared with your Workspace or a specific Location. Private Docs can be shared with specific people or Teams.

Grid and list layouts

You can customize how each Docs Home view displays Docs, either in a grid or list layout.

  • Sort by Date Updated or Date viewed.

  • View Docs in a list or grid layout by clicking the toggle.

Tip: If you use the list layout, click the Last Updated and Last viewed column headings to sort in ascending and descending order!

Filter Docs by name

Looking for a specific Doc? You can search for Docs by typing keywords in the Filter by name field at the top right of any Docs Home view.

Screenshot of Docs Home highlighting the Filter by name field

Show specific Docs with Doc tag filters

Display the Docs that meet specific criteria based on Doc tags in any Docs Home view.

Tip: You can also add and edit Doc tags right from Docs Home!

Set your filter preferences

  1. Click the Show filter to set your tag filter preferences.

    Screenshot of the open filter preference menu.
  2. Choose from the following options:

    • All: Includes all Doc tags available.

    • Private: Only includes private Doc tags.

    • Workspace: Only includes Doc tags that are not private.

    • Most Used: The most used Doc tags will appear closest to the top.

    • Alphabetical: Doc tags will be sorted alphabetically from A to Z.

    • Any tags: A Doc can have any of the selected tags to be displayed.

    • All tags: A Doc must have all of the selected tags to be displayed.

Use the filter to search for Docs

For a quick search click one or more of the tags to the right of the Show filter to find all Docs that tag is applied to.

Screenshot of the Doc tag filters with a specific tag selected

Can't find the tag you're looking for? Click View all to search, filter, and sort all Doc tags.

Screenshot of the view all Doc tags modal including sort by popularity and alphabetical

Create a Doc

You can create new Docs from the Sidebar of from the Docs Home.

To create a new Doc right from the Sidebar:

  1. Click Docs from the Sidebar.

  2. Click + Add New.

  3. A brand new Doc will open.

Screenshot of the Sidebar highlighting the Add new button to create a new Doc

To create a new Doc from a view in Docs Home:

  1. Click a Docs Home view.

  2. Click + New Doc at the top right.

  3. A brand new Doc will open.

Screenshot of the New Doc button at the top right of Docs Home

Note: On our Free Forever Plan, all Docs are automatically created as Doc views at the Everything level.

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