Prefer to do your work and browse the web separately? Use ClickUp in our Desktop app!

Launch ClickUp from your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer and enjoy a seamless experience between the Web and Desktop.

Installation Instructions


  1. Download our app for devices running Microsoft Windows

  2. Run the .exe file to install the ClickUp Desktop App


  1. Download our app for Mac or M1 Mac devices

  2. Run the .dmg file to install the ClickUp Desktop App

Linux 🐧

Our Linux Desktop App uses AppImage.

  1. Download the ClickUp Desktop App AppImage

  2. Make the file executable

  3. Run the ClickUp Desktop App

Note: Some distributions of Linux may require the installation of the AppImageLauncher before installing our Desktop app.

Change your Desktop app preferences

You can set your preferences from the Desktop App settings menu. These settings only apply to your account when you're using the Desktop app.

Screenshot of the Desktop App Settings page

Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to use our handy keyboard shortcut instead of using your mouse?


Default shortcut (Windows)

Default shortcut (Mac)

Quick create a new task



  1. Go to My Settings and select Desktop App

  2. Toggle the Quick Create New Task shortcut on or off

  3. Update your keyboard shortcut to a different combination of keys by clicking on the current keyboard shortcut

Screenshot of the Desktop App Settings page, highlighting the option to change the keyboard shortcut

Launch the ClickUp app at Start up

Want to launch ClickUp as soon as you start your computer?

  1. Go to My Settings and select Desktop App

  2. Toggle Launch at Startup on or off under the App Behavior section

Note: This feature is only available on Windows, Mac, Mac M1 versions of our Desktop app. You can manually configure the Linux version to run at Start up.

Important Notes

  • Integrations that use a Chrome Extension are not supported in our Desktop app

  • Our Clip ClickApp is not yet available on our Desktop App

  • Some embedded content may not able to be displayed in our Desktop app. You may be prompted to open it in your default web browser instead.

Troubleshooting notifications

If you aren't receiving notifications from our Desktop app, check out these instructions to troubleshoot common issues, or contact us via chat or email!

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