Have an idea for improving ClickUp or some feedback you want to share DIRECTLY to the ClickUp Crew who work on new features and improving our existing ones?

We use Canny to capture feedback from amazing people just like you! Canny boards can host a variety of things including ideas for new features and suggestions for improvement of existing features!

Best of all, ANYONE can contribute to them by voting and commenting!

We LOVE hearing from you, and take every post, comment, and vote into consideration as we add new features and improve the platform for everyone.

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How do I use it?

You'll need to sign in to create a new post, vote, and/or comment on existing posts across our various feedback boards.

We link your Canny profile with your ClickUp account to save you the time and hassle of dealing with another annoying password!

You can also see our Changelog by clicking on what's new, or request a feature right from our Help Resource Center in ClickUp!

Screenshot of the Resource Center available within ClickUp, highlighting the what's new link to our Changelog and the Request a Feature button

Types of Feedback Boards

We have several feedback boards we use to keep posts organized.

Screenshot of our Canny feedback boards

Feature Requests

Post and vote on improvements to the features available in ClickUp.

Mobile Feature Requests

Suggest improvements we should make to our Mobile App.


Report bugs directly to our Technical Support team.


Suggest another app or platform we should integrate with ClickUp.


Add your vote here so we can prioritize translating ClickUp into your native language!


Be sure to take a look at our Changelog for a quick summary of the most recent updates we've made.

You can use the filters on the left hand side to refine the changes you're interested in:

Screenshot of our Changelog, highlighting the options on the left hand side to filter the items shown


Q: I have an idea to improve ClickUp, how do I share it with you?

A: You can search our Canny boards to see if someone else has had a similar idea.

  1. Select the most appropriate feedback board, such as Feature Requests

  2. Use the Search box on the top right to search for keywords and phrases

animation showing the steps to search our Feedback boards and vote on a post

If you find something that sounds similar to your idea, feel free to vote for it, and add a comment explaining your suggestion!

If you can't find a similar post, simply create a new one by filling out the details in the Create a Suggestion box. Screenshots and screen recordings are welcome. The more information you share with us, the better!

Animation showing the process of creating a suggestion

Q: How can I contribute to an existing post?

A: Adding a vote on an existing post is the perfect way to show you agree with the idea and increase its visibility for our team to consider.

Simply click on the purple up arrow icon to add a vote!

No matter how many votes a post has, we do take care to read and think about every single one.

We love reading comments to get more insight about the features that you need to become even more productive! 🚀

Animation showing the steps to vote for, and add a comment on a post

What happens next?

After you create or interact with a post, you'll receive status update email notifications as the feature request moves through our product development workflow.

Our team also posts comments in Canny to ask for more information or share updates! You'll be notified by email if we @mention you on a post.

We take all your feedback into consideration when we design and build new and improved features!

In the spirit of transparency, we can't guarantee that every request will make it into ClickUp, but we take your feedback to heart, and keep your votes and comments in mind!

Check out our Canny Changelog and published weekly release notes to keep up with all the new features we add, the improvements we're making, and the bugs we're squashing.

Lastly, we just have to say:

Thank YOU for helping make ClickUp the very best productivity platform ever! 💜

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