ClickUp's Privacy and Sharing options give you complete control of who sees what, and what permissions they have.

If you're curious to learn more about sharing, this is the guide for you! We'll cover the following topics:

What can I share?

You can share the following items with members of your Workspace:

  • Spaces

  • Folders

  • Lists

  • Tasks

  • Docs

  • Dashboards

  • Goals and Goal Folders

  • Views

  • Templates

What's the difference between public and private?

Spaces, Folders, Lists, tasks, and Goals will be public by default. Any member of the Workspace can see those items. If an item is public to your Workspace, you have the option to set permissions on that item.

If you choose to make an item private, you can:

  1. Share it with specific people or Teams in your Workspace

  2. Invite people to join your Workspace to access the item

  3. Set specific permissions when you share an item

Docs and Dashboards are private by default, and can be shared with members of your Workspace.

When Docs and Dashboards are shared with specific people, and not your Workspace, a task, or a Location, they'll still be considered private!

Guests do not have access to anything unless it is specifically shared with them, even if it's public to the members of your Workspace.

The only exception for guests is Docs that are shared with a task, List, or Folder that guests have access to, because those are considered public.


  • Can be private and optionally shared with members OR public to the Workspace

  • Cannot be shared with guests

  • Cannot be shared with Teams

  • Do not have specific permissions such as can view, can edit, etc.

Transfer Ownership of Private Spaces

By default, a Private Space will only be accessible to the person who made that Space private.

Owners and Admins can transfer ownership of Spaces if:

Folders, Lists, and Tasks

  • If public to the Workspace, you can set permissions for individuals and Teams

  • If private, you can share them with specific members, Teams, and guests and set their permissions

Docs, Dashboards, and Goals and Goal Folders

  • If public to the Workspace, you can set permissions for individuals and Teams

  • If private, you can share them with specific members, Teams, and guests and set their permissions

  • You can share specific Docs, Dashboards, and Goals with guests



  • Templates can be kept private, shared with your Workspace, specific people or Teams, or you can share them with the world

How to use Sharing in ClickUp

You can share items with specific people to control access to information in your Workspace!

To set Spaces, Folders, Lists, tasks, as private and share them with others, follow these instructions.

Click on these links for detailed instructions to share:

Sharing with Teams

Note: Sharing with Teams is available on our Business Plus Plan and Enterprise Plan. Learn more about ClickUp Plans.

You can share items with individual guests and members, or with Teams!

With Teams, you can create groups of people that you can assign to tasks, mention in comments, add a watcher, and share items.

Sharing with Teams allows you to set up permissions based on team membership as well as individual members.

Here's an example:

Sam starts working on the Payroll team in their company. There are private Folders and Lists used strictly by members of the payroll team within the HR Space of the company's ClickUp Workspace.

Rather than sharing those Folders and Lists with members individually, they are shared with one Team, called Payroll.

When Sam moves into their new role, a Workspace admin simply removes Sam from their previous Team and adds them to the payroll Team in ClickUp. Sam's access is immediately updated! 🎉

Note: At this time, Spaces cannot be shared with Teams.

Invite a user when sharing

If the person you want to share something with isn't a member of the Workspace, you can invite them to join your Workspace!

Read more about adding people to your Workspace which includes the steps to invite people as you share items with them.

Sharing with specific permissions

When you share something in ClickUp, you'll have the option to set permissions to control what people can do with that item.

Permissions include:

  • Can view

  • Can comment

  • Can comment with task assigned

  • Can edit

  • Create & edit (full)

Note: Workspace members who have access to an item will be able to share that item with others, including guests, and give them the same or less permissions.

Learn more about the permissions available in ClickUp.

Sharing publicly

You can also share items publicly, so that people outside your team can view them without joining your Workspace as guests or members.

You can publicly share:

  • Tasks

  • Views

  • Docs

Check out our article on public sharing to learn more!

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