Need a better way to visualize and present your team's Goals along with your other metrics and reporting Dashboards?

You can add any existing Goals to your Dashboards using our Goals Dashboard widget!

You can create and edit Targets right without ever leaving your Dashboard! If you need to create a brand new Goal, you'll still need to hop over to the Goals page.

Note: This widget is available on our Business Plan and above!

Create a Goals Dashboard widget

It's easy to add a Goals widget to a new or existing Dashboard!

  1. Click the Dashboards icon in your sidebar

  2. Click the + to add a new Dashboard or open an existing Dashboard

  3. Click + Add Widget to bring in your data

  4. Select the Priorities tab or search for Goals

  5. Select the Goals widget

  6. Choose your preferences with the following widget options

    • Name your widget

    • Select the Goals and/or Goal Folders to include

    • Show or hide Completed items

    • Show or hide Archived items

  7. Click Add Widget to add it to your Dashboard

You can see the percentage of progress, the number of Targets, the Goal Owner, and the last updated timestamp for each Goal you choose to include, just like you do on the Goals page! 🎉

You can also update your preferences by clicking on the ellipsis for your Goals & Targets Dashboard widget to review the settings and preferences!

Note: Members and Guests who do not have access to the Goals displayed in this widget will only see the items they have permission to access. If they don't have access to any Goals shown in the widget, it will be empty.

Adding and Updating Targets

No need to switch to the Goals page to update your Goal Targets, you can create and update Targets directly in the Goals widget!

  1. Click on a Goal to open the Goal details modal

  2. View the details of the Goal

  3. Create and edit Targets just like you can on the Goals Page! 🎉

Your presentations and reports that showcase your team's progress will never be the same!

For more information, check out these docs about Goals and Dashboards!

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