This article covers how to navigate the ClickUp mobile app, including how to access everything in your Home and Workspace, as well as how to create tasks, reminders, and Docs.

Getting Started with ClickUp Mobile

No matter where you are, you'll never miss an important project update or deadline with ClickUp on your mobile device!

Map out your day from Home, catch up on notifications, or create new tasks from scratch from anywhere.

You can download the free mobile ClickUp app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Quick Actions

The Quick Actions icon is located in the center of the navigation bar. Simply tap the icon to choose between creating a new Reminder, new task, or new Doc.


Use the Quick Actions menu to create tasks, which function as the building blocks of ClickUp.

They can stand alone as distinct units of work, or they can work together to form a project. To create one, just tap the New Task icon in the Quick Actions menu.

To learn all about creating and using tasks and subtasks in the ClickUp mobile app, check out the Tasks and Subtasks in Mobile article!


Reminders let you jot down quick ideas and action items to ensure you don't get sidetracked in the middle of a task or project.

Reminders show up in your Home and can include due dates, assignees, and attachments. Reminders can also have custom notifications so nothing slips through the cracks.

They're private by default, but if you delegate them to other team members, the reminders will show up in the user's Home, as well.

Docs in ClickUp

You can also create new Docs in ClickUp on the go via the Quick Actions menu by selecting New Doc.

First, give your Doc a name so you can locate it easily later! Then start creating notes, a wiki, a user guide, and more.

Rich text formatting allows you to customize as needed. Bullet, numbering, and even checklist options make formatting simple!

And selecting the hamburger menu in the top right allows you to add additional pages to your Doc to streamline organization.


Use the Notepad to record even the simplest ideas and convert thoughts to tasks at a later time.


You'll find yourself in Home when you first log into the ClickUp mobile app. You can always get back to Home by selecting the house icon in the navigation bar.


Anything you Favorite will appear in this view, which is extremely useful for quickly referencing important tasks or frequently viewed items!

Each Favorite will include an icon on the left that displays if it is a task or what kind of view it is. Swipe left to scroll through your Favorites. Tab on any favorited tasks or views to jump to that location in ClickUp.

To favorite a task in mobile, open the desired task, select the three-dot menu in the top right corner, and select the Add to favorites option. While you're not able to Favorite views in mobile, any views that you Favorited in the web version of ClickUp will appear here.


Any tasks you've recently viewed will appear in this view, located immediately to the right of Favorites. Each Trending task will include an icon on the left that indicates that task's status. Swipe left to scroll through your Trending tasks.

The main section of Home also contains two views: My Work and Calendar.

My Work

The My Work section (previously known as Inbox) consists of three tabs that allow you to keep all your important items in one place:

To Do

The To Do tab includes all of your tasks and reminders for today, as well as overdue tasks, what's coming next, and tasks without due dates.

Sort your tasks and reminders any way you like using the ellipsis menus to the right of "Today" or even by manually dragging and dropping a task!

Create a new task by selecting the + icon next to the ... menu.


The Comments tab shows you all comments that have been assigned to you, along with the task associated with the comment. From this tab, you can react with an emoji, resolve the comment, or open the parent task and reply.


The Done tab allows you to revisit all of your completed tasks and resolved reminders. Selecting the three-dot menu to the right of Done allows you to sort your done tasks by status, due date, date created, priority, or manually.


This view displays the day's priorities, including your Google Calendar events if you've synced your calendar with ClickUp via our integration.

Selecting the calendar icon on the right will allow you to toggle between day, week, month, work week, and schedule views!


The ClickUp mobile app Explore tab is where your Workspace hierarchy lives. Use this tab to access Spaces, Folders, Lists, tasks, and views.

To access the Explore tab, click the compass icon on the navigation bar.


The Tasks tab contains all of your Workspace's Spaces, Folders, Lists, tasks, and views.

Create new views within an existing Folder or List. Ability to create new Spaces, Folders, and Lists coming very soon!


The Docs tab lists any Docs in ClickUp that you've recently viewed or created.

You can also create a new Doc from this tab.

Any Docs created from here will automatically be added to the Workspace but will not be assigned to a particular level of the hierarchy or task.


The Favorites tab lists any items you have Favorited. Favorites can also be accessed via Home under the Favorites tab.


To access your Notifications center, select the bell icon in the navigation bar.

By default, all your uncleared notifications will show up here. Swipe left on a comment to clear it.

Selecting a notification will take you directly to the corresponding task in ClickUp, where you can reply, react, and more.

You can also filter by cleared notifications, @ mentions, or assigned comments by toggling the filter icon in the top right.

Clear all notifications by selecting the Clear all notification button at the bottom of the Notifications filter.


Never lose track of anything in ClickUp with the Search feature! To access Search, select the magnifying glass in the navigation bar.

At the top of the Search feature, you'll see a search bar. Enter the name or key search terms to any task, subtask, or file that you have access to in ClickUp here.

All search results will populate in the window below.

If you know whether you're searching for a task, file attachment, or Doc but your search yields many results, filter search results using the Tasks, Files, Docs filters located below the Search bar.

Once you've found your desired item, simply tap it to navigate directly to that location in ClickUp!


Access your ClickUp account's settings directly from the mobile app! Just select the Workspace icon in the top left.

Note: the Workspace icon is only visible when navigating in the Home, Explore, and Notifications sections of the app.

Once you click into your Settings, you'll see the following information and options:

  • Your Workspace: select this field to toggle between Workspaces if you have access to more than one

  • Dark Mode: control whether you view ClickUp with light text on a dark background or dark text on a light background

  • Global font support: we recommend turning this on if your device has problems displaying characters

  • Contact us with any questions you might have. Selecting this directs you to

  • Report a bug if you find something wrong in ClickUp. Selecting this directs you to our Bug Submission Form

  • Leave feedback if you want to tell us what's working (or what you'd like to see) in our mobile app!

  • Open roadmap to see what features we're working on and when you can expect to see them go live!

  • Privacy policy takes you directly to the ClickUp Privacy Policy

  • Terms of service directs you to the ClickUp Terms of Use

  • App version lets you know what version of the ClickUp mobile app you're using

  • Log out to sign out of your account. You can then sign back in via the mobile app or sign into another account

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