This article covers how to access and configure views in the ClickUp mobile app.

Current Views Available on Mobile

Views provide unique perspectives on your work, allowing you to assess bandwidth, workflows, schedules, and more.

The ClickUp mobile app can currently display the five views listed below:

  • List views

  • Board views

  • Calendar views

  • Doc views

  • Chat views

New mobile features ship every week, and we'll continue to work towards feature parity between the web and mobile versions of ClickUp!

Accessing Views

To access your views, start by clicking the Explore tab on the navigation bar to view all of your Spaces, Folders, and Lists.

Once in the Explore tab, navigate through your Spaces and select the location you'd like to work on.

In the top left corner of the location, you'll see the current view you're on. Tap that to see existing views or create new ones!

Any new view you create on mobile will also appear on web!

Note: Currently, the ClickUp mobile app is able to display List, Board, Calendar, Doc, and Chat views. So if you're on ClickUp in mobile and you don't see some of the views you created in the web version, don't worry! They're still available in the web version of ClickUp.

List View

List view is a required task view provided for every Space, Folder, and List in ClickUp. It’s the most flexible view in terms of grouping and sorting information.

Access Group by, Sort by, and Filter menus by selecting the slider icon near the top right of your List.

Tapping the Group by, Sort by, and Filter buttons will open their respective menus.

Group by

Grouping allows you to cluster tasks by characteristic, making it easier to assess workloads, categorize, and more.

Group tasks by:

  • Status

  • Assignee

  • Priority

  • Tag

  • Due date

  • Custom Fields

  • None

Sort by

Sorting allows you to arrange your tasks by due date, priority and much more. It’s the perfect way to view the most important tasks at the top of your List view.

Sort Lists by:


Filter your view to show tasks that meet specific criteria using almost all of the options available on web, including:

Coming Soon: Adding a filter based on Location is not yet available on our Mobile App.

You can use + Add filter to add a filter, or use a filter template you created on the Web version of ClickUp.

Board View

Use Board view in the ClickUp mobile app to visualize your workflow, allowing you to quickly identify bottlenecks and limit work-in-progress.

Create a Board view by navigating to the location where you want the Board to live, select Add view and choose the Board option.

You can group, sort, and filter Board view, and hide individual columns.

Note: The ClickUp mobile app does not currently accommodate drag-and-drop functionality, but this feature is in development!

Calendar View

See any existing Calendar views you've created on web and create new ones. Any new Calendar views you create on mobile will also appear on web.

Create a Calendar view by navigating to the location where you want the Calendar to live, select Add view and choose the Calendar option.

Filter Calendar view using the same options available on List and Board view.

View your Calendar by day, week, work week (Monday to Friday only), month, or schedule (multi-day continuous layout).

For quick and easy reference, all of the tasks that appear on your Calendar view are colored based on the task's status!

Doc View

Doc view is among the most versatile views in ClickUp. You can edit information in real-time with your entire team, and you can create multiple pages in the same Doc to form wikis, knowledge bases. Take notes, track SOPs, the possibilities are endless.

Create a Doc view by navigating to the location where you want the Doc to live, select Add view and choose the Doc option.

You'll then need to select Add Page to open a blank Doc that you can give a name and begin editing.

Rich text formatting allows you to customize as needed. Bullet, numbering, and even checklist options make formatting simple!

And selecting the hamburger menu in the top right allows you to add additional pages to your Doc to streamline organization.

To locate recently created Docs in mobile, go to the Explore section using the navigation bar and select the Docs tab at the top of the window.

Or navigate directly to the location where the doc was created and access it via the List menu in the top right of your screen.

Chat View

Chat view in mobile allows you to keep your conversations alongside your work and never miss a beat when you're away from the office.

Create a Chat view by navigating to the location where you want the Chat to live, select Add view and choose the Chat option.

While comments are perfect for tracking information related to a specific task, Chat views let you and your team discuss items unrelated to a specific task.

Chat views on mobile operate exactly like on web. You can access all existing Chat views, create new ones, react to messages, respond in threads, assign comments, and switch between different Chat views. You can also enable notifications so you're able to respond to conversations instantly!

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