This article covers how to create and edit tasks, subtasks, and checklists, as well as how to manage and assign task comments in the ClickUp mobile app.

Tasks on Mobile

Tasks are the foundation of work in ClickUp. They serve as the building blocks of larger projects. Or they can hold all of the necessary information for small projects. They allow for plenty of collaboration, but they're also perfect for solo projects.

In short, the level of customization for tasks is almost endless.

Creating, editing, and sharing tasks on mobile devices is as easy (and comprehensive) as creating them on the web!

Creating a Task on Mobile

To create a new task in mobile:

  • Tap the app selection icon at the bottom of the screen

  • Select the New Task icon

  • Customize the task to fit your exact needs!

Start by adding in your mandatory task elements:

  • Give your task a name

  • Select the Space, Folder, and List that your task will live in by tapping the Select List button

Now you're ready to add the optional task elements! Swipe up in the task box or select the Create icon to reveal the rest of the task options:

Once you've created your task, a banner will appear at the top of the app. Click Open to go directly to the task.

Task Overview

All of your optional task elements will be included under the Overview tab of the task, and they include:

  • Add assignees to a task by selecting the Add assignee button

  • Add watchers to a task by selecting the eye icon in the top right. Watchers are not assigned to the task, but will be notified of any and all changes within the task

  • Add a status and priority by tapping the icons on the right

  • Set a start date and a due date to the assignment by selecting the calendar icons

  • Add a description so assignees and watchers know what the task's purpose is

  • Include custom tags by selecting the Tags section below the Description to easily identify the task's type

  • Below the Tags section you can access the tasks Custom Fields. While you aren't able to add any new custom fields to the task in mobile, you can set any existing custom fields here

You can even add the task to multiple locations! Just select the +Add location option to make the task visible in multiple Lists or Folders.

Activity & Attachments

From Overview, you can access a task's Activity view by either swiping to the left or tapping the Activity tab near the top of the task screen.

The Activity view tracks the task history (such as updates to the task's status or priority).

Add any comments to the task simply by typing your message in the Comment section at the bottom of the task window. To tag a user, include @ before their name or select the @ icon underneath the comment text section.

You can also reply to, react to, assign, or share comments in Activity view!

Select the speech bubble icon to assign a comment to a user. This creates a new required item for the assignee to complete before the task can be closed.

Select the paperclip and camera icons to attach a doc or photo to the comment respectively.

From the Activity view, you can either swipe left or tap the Attachments tab near the top of the window to access the Attachments view.

This tab allows you to attach files, images, and videos to the task itself, and it serves as the storage space for these items. They can then be viewed or downloaded by anyone with access to the task.

Task Options

At the top of the task window, you'll find the Task options, which are represented as three dots next to the watcher icon.

Tapping this icon will bring up a menu that allows you to:

  • Share the task link via AirDrop, SMS, email, Slack, and more.

  • Copy the task ID

  • Move the task to another Space, Folder, or List

  • Add the task to your Favorites

  • Archive or delete the task

The To Do Container

The To Do container is found at the bottom of the task window. Select the three icons on the right to open either subtasks, checklists, or comments.

Selecting the To Do button expands the To Do container, revealing subtasks, checklists, and comments as tabs that can be accessed by selecting them or swiping to them.


You can be create, access, and edit subtasks on mobile. The creation process for formatting and editing a subtask is the same as it is for a task. To open a subtask in mobile, simply tap on the subtask's title.

Nested Subtasks

To create a nested subtask from a task, swipe up or tap on the subtask area:

Task view on Mobile highlighting the lower section of the screen where you swipe up or tap to create subtasks, checklists, and comments

Then tap on the + icon next to a subtask to create a nested subtask!

Subtasks page highlighting the small plus icon on the right hand side that will create a nested subtask

You can also tap and hold on a subtask to bring up the subtask options menu and assign a subtask, delete a subtask, or create a nested subtask.

Subtask options page which appears when you tap and hold on a subtask, highlighting the Create subtask button


Checklists on mobile allow for all the same functionality as the web version of ClickUp.

You can create new Checklists from scratch; edit, delete, and add to existing Checklists along with their items and subitems; assign or un-assign Checklist items; and track Checklist progress (view resolved items and see how many items are completed versus outstanding).


This tab displays any assigned comments and allows users to resolve or reply to the comment.

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