Home is your centralized place to work. It's your mission control center for all your current work, as well as for upcoming and completed tasks.

The main goal of Home is to never forget anything again.

It's easy for things to slip through the cracks, and that's where Home comes in. It tracks both tasks, reminders, and events, and it gives you plenty of ways to visualize this information!

How to Access Home on Mobile

Simply select the Home icon in the navigation bar! You will always have access to these buttons no matter which page you are on. If you're in a task, just swipe right to access the bottom menu with the Home icon.

Working in Home

Home is divided into a top section and a main section, each with several available views and tabs.

The top section contains two optional views: Favorites and Trending.

By default, Favorites and Trending will be hidden. To enable them:

  1. Tap on Home

  2. Tap on the Home Settings ellipsis

    Home page on Mobile highlighting the Settings menu ellipsis in the top right corner

  3. Toggle Favorites and/or Trending on

    Home Settings page highlighting the Favorites and Trending toggles

  4. Tap Done


Anything you Favorite will appear in this view. Each Favorite will include an icon on the left that displays if it is a task or what kind of view it is. Swipe left to scroll through your Favorites.


Any tasks you've recently viewed will appear in this view, located immediately to the right of Trending. Each Trending task will include an icon on the left that indicates that task's status. Swipe left to scroll through your Trending tasks.

The main section of Home also contains two views: My Work and Calendar.

My Work

The My Work section (which used to be called Inbox) consists of three tabs that allow you to keep all your important items in one place:

  • To Do includes all of your tasks and reminders for today, as well as overdue tasks, what's coming next, and tasks without due dates. Task status is indicated on the left and due date on the right. Sort your tasks and reminders any way you like using the three-dot menus to the right of "Today" or even by manually dragging and dropping a task!

Create a new task by selecting the + icon next to the three-dot menu.

  • Comments shows you all comments that have been assigned to you, along with the task associated with the comment. From this tab, you can react with an emoji, resolve the comment, or open the parent task and reply.

  • Done allows you to revisit all of your completed tasks and resolved reminders. Selecting the three-dot menu to the right of Done allows you to sort your done tasks by status, due date, date created, priority, or manually.


Review your scheduled meetings and tasks all in one place! This view displays all of your day's priorities, including your Google Calendar events if you've synced your calendar with ClickUp via our integration.

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