ClickUp notifications in mobile have all the same functionality as they do on the web version of the platform, so you can stay informed on the go!

To access your Notifications center, select the bell icon in the navigation bar.

By default, all your uncleared notifications will show up here.

Selecting a notification will take you directly to the corresponding item in ClickUp, where you can reply, react, and more. Swiping left on a comment will clear it.

You can also filter by cleared notifications, @ mentions, or assigned comments by toggling the filter icon in the top right.

Clear all notifications by selecting the Clear all notification button at the bottom of the Notifications filter.

To clear notifications one at a time, simply swipe left on the notification you want cleared.

Get Notified Anywhere

Stay up to date no matter where you are with push notifications! When enabled, ClickUp notifications will appear on your phone's home screen.

If you want to take immediate action, just swipe the notification to go directly to the relevant location directly in the ClickUp app.

Enabling Notifications

iOS Devices

Note: The following instructions are for iPhones using iOS 14 and later. Instructions may vary for older iOS.

Under your iPhone settings, navigate down to the ClickUp app and select it. Then, go into the Notifications center.

Under Notifications, ensure Allow Notifications is switched on, allow Alerts to appear on Lock Screen, and configure other notification settings to fit your desired setup:

Android devices

Under your settings, navigate down to the Apps banner and locate ClickUp.

Once selected, ensure Show Notifications is switched on to allow them to appear!

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