This doc provides a beginners overview on how to save tasks, Docs, and views (such as List, Folder, and Space views) as a template!

Step 1

Regardless of what kind of template you're trying to create, the first steps will always be to find the ... menu associate with your task/Doc/hierarchy view, click Template Center, then select Save as Template.

It will look something like this:

image showing the Template Center option from a List ellipses menu

Step 2

Fill out your template details.

image of Save as new Template modal

Finding & viewing your saved template

Once your template has been saved, you can find it in the Template Center!

Your template will automatically be categorized by location (i.e. Space, Folder, Task, Doc, etc).

You can search for your template in the top search bar or by browsing in the Template Center.

Showing template center with List templates selected

Sharing your template with the ClickUp community

To submit for review, click on your template in the Template Center and select Share. Here, you'll be able to share your template with the community!

Screenshot showing how to share a template with the community

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