This part of our Relationships feature allows you to create Custom Relationship types for any tasks!

This type of Relationship can only be created at the List level (not Folder or Space).

Creating a Relationship

  1. Scroll down to the Relationship section
  2. Click on the +Add Relationships button at the under the task description
  3. Select New Relationship from the drop-down menu
  4. Give your Relationship a name
  5. Select what to relate to
  6. (if linking to specific list) Choose List
  7. (optional) Create Rollup Fields
gif showing how to add a new relationship field in a task

Choosing what to relate to - the Relationship hierarchy

Once this Custom Relationships table has been created, you can choose between adding ANY task in your Workspace or connect two Lists together!

This Relationship can be added to any level in the hierarchy. Once this Custom Relationship has been added, that table will be added to all the tasks in the hierarchy selected.

For example, select the any task in your Workspace option to add any task within your Workspace, no matter its location!

To add a task:

  1. Click on the +add button below the Custom Relationship table name.
  2. Select a task to add.
  3. View your task under this table!

note: currently using this option will only link tasks one way.

If you're building a CRM and you have a List of Deals and a List of Contacts, you'll want to link those two Lists together. This means that you'll select the tasks from a specific List option, which will enable a table to be created for each task on both Lists.

screenshot showing the create relationship modal and how to select a List

Note: We currently do not support Tasks in Multiple Lists. Also, this type of Relationship has the added benefit of supporting Custom Fields when using the Rollup Field.

Renaming your Relationships between two Lists

When adding a task to Custom Relationship that's linked to a List, we'll add a table on both Lists (see above). You may want to give the table different names depending on the List to make the Relationship easier to understand!

  1. After creating a Relationship, navigate to any task from the List you are linking to
  2. You will see the table has the same name as the original List
  3. Click on the ... menu next to the name
  4. Select rename from the options
  5. Give it a new, clear name
  6. You now have two different names for the same Relationship

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