Doc Relationships are a part of our Relationships feature — giving you the ability to link Docs amongst themselves or with tasks. This allows a Doc page to be accessed in numerous places for reference, without having to be duplicated or removed from its original location.

Docs in Task View*

Add and see Relationships on any page in your Workspace by following these simple steps:

  1. Scroll down to the Relationships section

  2. Click on the +Add Relationships button below the task description

  3. Select Doc from the drop-down menu

  4. Select any page from your Workspace

  5. A new table will be created for your linked Docs

*Note: The Relationships ClickApp needs to be enabled in order for the Relationships table to appear in task view.

gif showing how to add relationship in task window

In Doc view, you'll also have the ability to link either a task or a Doc to any page.

  1. Click on related in the top right of the Doc page

  2. The Page Links section will open automatically

  3. Click on Add Link at the bottom of the List

  4. Select between task or Doc

  5. Search and select your task or Doc to link

  6. You have now linked a task or Doc!

gif showing how to find page links in Doc

Note: You can always minimize the related items by clicking on Hide links in the top right.

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