Backlinks are a part of our Relationships feature — making it easy to find tasks and Docs that would usually get lost in the cracks. Whenever a task or Doc is mentioned using the @mention feature, we will automatically add a link to the mentioned task/Doc in the Backlinks Relationship table.

To learn more about our mentions in ClickUp, click here.

When someone mentions a task or Doc in either another task or a Doc, we'll automatically add that task or Doc as a backlink in the Backlinks table.

For example, if I mention Task B in Task A, then Task B will show Task A in Task B's Backlink Relationship table (plus you'll also see the link on Task A). Backlinks also work if you link a task in a Relationship!

When using the Custom Relationship (to any) option, we'll also display the tasks in the Backlink section with a label indicating what Relationship it's included in.

gif showing related tasks

Note: If there are no mentions, the Backlinks Relationship table will not display.

When someone mentions a Doc page in either another Doc or a task, we'll automatically add that task or Doc as a backlink in the Doc page.

To access the Docs Backlinks, click on the related link in the top left of the page. Once open, you'll see a section for Backlinks listing all your Docs and pages that have mentions this Doc page.

gif showing how to relate a doc to a task

Note: If there are no mentions, we won't display the Backlinks section.

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