Nested Subtasks provide an additional layer of hierarchy organization. If you've ever wanted to create subtasks within subtasks, then you're going to love this feature!

Enable ClickApp

  1. Turn on the Nested Subtasks ClickApp (you must be an Admin or Owner to enable this for your Workspace)

  2. Select how many layers of nested subtasks you want — default starts at 3, but you can increase or decrease as needed up to 7 levels!

image of Nested Subtasks ClickApp

Nested Subtasks in Views

Visualize your subtasks in a cleaner, more intuitive way by expanding the full tree of nested subtasks within List, Gantt, and Mind Map views!

For all other views, you will need to show these subtasks as individual tasks or open the task view to see Nested Subtasks.

image of a List view with several layers of Nested Subtasks

To add a subtask, simply hover over the task to reveal the subtask + icon. Click the icon to quick-create a subtask that you can rearrange as needed within your subtask hierarchy!

Note: Creating/rearranging Nested Subtasks is only supported with List and task views. However, creating/rearranging Nested Subtasks in the Mind Map view is coming soon!

Keyboard Shortcut

When you're in List view or task view and use the quick-create button, hit tab to indent or shift+tab to outdent by 1 level. This allows you to easily create nested subtasks with keyboard shortcuts!

Converting tasks into subtasks

Drag-and-drop a task to convert it to a subtask and/or a Nested Subtask to layer it in the subtask hierarchy.

Once you've selected the task or subtask you'd like to move, a purple line will appear. This helps you visualize exactly where you'll be moving that task/subtask to and where it will fall in the hierarchy.

gif showing drag and drop of a subtask to a different level

In addition, you can also use the Context Menu to arrange your subtasks!

screenshot of context menu options

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use Tab and Shift + Tab to indent and outdent respectively. Your cursor must be at the start of the task name for this to work.

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