While email isn't entirely obsolete (yet), we've made it easier than ever to keep all your conversations in one place. Now you can send and receive emails directly from ClickUp tasks, allowing you to take action instantly!

Discuss details with other members in your Workspace, and keep track of what's happening next or what was said last.

ClickUp currently supports the following email providers:

Free Forever Workspaces get 1 free email account with 100 uses.

Unlimited Workspaces get 1 free email account with unlimited use.

Business Workspaces and above get 2 free email accounts + signatures + email templates.

Email accounts can be used by an unlimited amount of people - for example, you can choose to add only 1 email account while giving everyone in your Workspace access (for free).

Adding more Emails

Need more email accounts? Admins+ can add more to the Workspace for an additional charge!

Yearly Billing: You will be charged $24 yearly per email account.
Monthly Billing: You will be charged $2 monthly per email account.

Note: If you add an email account in the middle of a billing cycle, you will be charged a prorated amount for the time left until your renewal date.

How to add an Additional Email to your Workspace

There are several ways to add additional email accounts within your Workspace.

Option #1: Once composing an email, you can add an additional email when clicking on the From: sender option.

Option #2: Go into your Email Settings directly within the task!

Please note: You will need an active credit card associated with the Workspace to add another Email Account.

How Email in ClickUp Works

With this ClickApp enabled, you can send and receive emails directly within a task. Replies will funnel into the same task thread. Easily switch between sending a comment to internal teammates and sending an email to anyone outside of ClickUp.

This is a great feature for anyone who needs to communicate externally with clients, applicants, users, etc., and wants to keep communication all in one place.

How to send emails from within a task

  1. Ensure your Email ClickApp has been enabled

  2. Go into the Activity section of your task

  3. Click into the comment section

  4. Click on the email icon in the bottom right-hand corner

  5. Connect an email account (if that hasn't already been done in Integrations settings)

  6. Send your email!

How to receive emails within a task

Once you've sent an email from within your ClickUp task, the response will automatically funnel into the task's Activity thread. No work needed on your end!

If you want to forward emails into ClickUp, click here!

Email options

We support the following email features:

Choosing between threaded emails or a new comment

Set how you want your emails to show up in your task's Activity by going to the ClickApp settings for email.

In the ClickApp settings, you can check/uncheck the option: "Post replies to emails as threaded comments instead of new comments"

Checking this option indicates that you want to keep email conversations organized into their own threads. If you'd like email replies to show up in your task's Activity as new comments, uncheck this option.

Note: Only admins and owners have access to the ClickApp settings.

Email Templates

Note: Business Plan Workspaces and above have access to this feature.

Templates are great when you need to send quick saved responses, such as with customer support and applicant tracking!

Creating a template

  1. Click the template icon at the bottom of the page

  2. Enter the Name

  3. Enter a subject (optional)

  4. Enter your email content

  5. Choose permission

Using a template

  1. Click on the template button

  2. Recently items will appear

  3. Optionally, you can search for the template

  4. Select to apply


Note: Business Plan Workspaces and above have access to this feature.

Each member can have multiple signatures in ClickUp. To create a signature:

  1. In the comment section, navigate to signatures in the bottom left

  2. Open the signatures option

  3. Select add signature

  4. Give your signature a name, this will be used for referencing internally

  5. Write out your signature – If you prefer to write your signature using HTML, switch to the HTML editor by clicking the icon in the top right corner!

  6. Optionally, set the signature as the default

  7. Save

Email in ClickUp + Email Custom field

If your task has a filled email custom field, this email will appear as a suggested email when drafting!

You can then click on this email to fill the "To" field!

Pro Tip: If you have an email Custom Field created in the location in which your Automation is set up (List, Folder, Space, Workspace), you can use that email Custom Field to populate the To, CC, and BCC fields.

Email Automations

With email automations, you can quickly update people outside of ClickUp on the details of your project without lifting a finger!

Before you get started, make sure your desired Custom Field is created prior to setting up the automation.

To create an automation:

  1. Click the ... ellipses menu for any List, Folder, or Space and select Automations

  2. First select +Add Automation, then Email from the sidebar under Integrations

  3. Once your desired automation is selected, it will ask you to choose an account, or sign in.

  4. Fill out all relevant details such as to, subject, and body

  5. Click create and your automation will be good to go!

You can also add organic content and/or dynamic content to the body of your email automation. This includes options for variable fields, signature, templated responses, emojis, and more.

Variable field options include the following options which can be added to the subject and body of an email:

Task ID, task name, task description, assignees, creator username, creator email, due date, start date, date created, date updated, date done, date closed, status name, status color, status type, priority, and custom fields.

Note: Progress (auto), formula, and rollup custom fields are not currently available in the subject/body.

Managing/Adding Email Accounts in ClickUp

To manage your email addresses in ClickUp, follow these steps:

1. Click on the avatar in the lower left hand corner of your Workspace

2. Next, select Integrations

3. Then the Email icon within your integration options.

Here you are able to add, delete and manage all emails in the Workspace. You also have the ability to add additional email accounts directly within your tasks!

Option #1: Once composing an email, you can add an additional email when clicking on the From: sender option, then + Add email account.

Option #2: Go into your Email Settings directly within the task, and then + add new.

Please note: You will need an active credit card associated with the Workspace to add another email address to the account.


Q: What if I delete the email in my inbox?

A: Emails that get added to ClickUp will be reserved in the thread even if you delete the email in the inbox.

Q: Why can't I see email as an option under the comments section?

A: Email in ClickUp is a ClickApp! Make sure it is turned on by an owner or admin.

Q: Can Guests send emails?

A: The ability to send emails is available to Admins, Owners, and Members. Guests currently do not have access to this feature.

Q: Can I use an email alias or shared email address?
A: At this time, shared email addresses are only supported if the shared email address has its own account credentials you can use to log into your email service.

If you can log into your email service using an email alias then you can use it with our Email in ClickUp feature.

Q: Does ClickUp suggestion recipients from my email account?
A: Yes! We store some of your contacts when you first set up an email account, and request more to display as suggestions while you are typing in the To, CC, and BCC fields.

Q: Can I see if the recipient has seen my email?

A: Yes, we offer the ability to see how many times a recipient has seen your email message through a tracking pixel. This is displayed by the counter on your sent email. If the recipient's email service provider scans the email for any reason (such as spam, junk, phishing, or malicious email detection) then it will increase the seen counter accordingly.

Q: How can I see how many email accounts are linked in my Workspace?
A: Go to your Integration settings, and select the email icon. Here you'll be able to add, remove and manage your emails in the Workspace.

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