This doc covers how to connect your Office 365 account to ClickUp so you can send and receive email communications from within a task thread. Click here to learn more about our Email in ClickUp feature.

How to Connect Your Office 365 Email to ClickUp

Step 1

  • Within a task, click the down carrot next to comment and select Send mail

highlighting option to Send email when clicking comment button from a task window

Step 2

  • Next to From, select Link an email

Link an email option in From field when first setting up to email

Step 3

  • Sign in with Office 365 (Note: it must be an Office 365 account)

pointing to Sign in with Office 365 option
  • Enter your password

  • Click Sign in

showing where to sign in to authorize the Microsoft account

Note: It may take a few minutes to load after clicking sign in.

Step 4

  • Choose who can send emails from this account, create signatures, and build email templates

  • Click Done to start sending emails from ClickUp!

settings to control who can send email messages using this linked account
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