Identify bottlenecks before they become an issue with the Time in Status ClickApp!

With this turned on, you'll know exactly how long a task has been in any status and quickly find any tasks that might've fallen through the cracks. You can identify this across your Workspace via List view, on individual tasks, and even in widget-form on your Dashboard!

We've also made Time in status available via our API. Check out the API Docs.

Workspaces on our Business Plan and above have full access to Time in Status. Learn more about our plans here.

gif showing the time in status custom field in list view

Enabling Time in Status

  1. Click your profile avatar in the bottom left corner of your screen

  2. Select ClickApps

  3. Locate Time in Status

  4. Toggle on to enable for your Workspace

showing what the time in status clickapp looks like

How to use Time in Status

Add the Time in Status field to any Space, Folder, or List by clicking the + in the right your List view columns.

showing how to add the time in status custom field as a column

The time displayed represents the total amount of time the task spent in its current status.

For a full breakdown of status history, click into the field! We'll display all status history, even if the status has been deleted or is from a previous List the task was housed in.

showing the dropdown of all statuses the task had been in and all their respective times

Change format

You can change the format displayed for the Time in Status field between hours, days, or simply display the date the status was last changed.

  1. Click on the column title for Time in Status

  2. Select the format near the bottom of the list

  3. This will now reflect in the field and when clicking in to see the summary of all statuses

display time in status by hours, days, or date last updated

Enabling the Time in Status Widget on your Dashboard

  1. Ensure Time in Status ClickApp is on

  2. Open your Dashboard

  3. Add new widget and search for Time in Status

  4. Set your setting preferences for which Space, Folder, and/or List you'd like to view Time in Status for

time in status widget in dashboard

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