For Workspaces that want a more branded experience, internally and externally, White Labeling is the perfect option. The White Label feature allows owners and admins to customize their Workspace logos, colors, and URLs!

White Label support is exclusive to the Enterprise plan. Learn more about our plans here.

gif of white labeling

How to White Label ClickUp

Note: At first, White Label will only be accessible to the Workspace Owner.

  1. Visit your Workspace settings

  2. Toggle on White label

white label setting in my settings

3. Upload 3 assets to brand all ClickUp touchpoints

  • Round Logo
    - 72 X 72 px PNG
    - The round logo will be used in-app on the Workspace avatar

example of round logo avatar white label
  • Rectangle Logo
    - 232 X 48 px PNG
    - The rectangle logo will be used in-app on the top left corner, the login page, in emails, and on public links (e.g. Docs, Dashboards)

rectangle white label logo
  • Social Media Graphic (COMING SOON)
    - 500 X 260 px PNG
    - The social media image will serve as the preview image when links from ClickUp are shared

4. Select a default color theme for the entire Workspace

  • Members have the option to override their own color scheme when signing up

5. Create a custom URL

  • Publicly shared Forms and Docs will use this custom URL as well

6. Save your changes! You will be redirected to a log in screen on your brand new, custom URL!

Note: Custom URLs don't work with our mobile app at this time. We're working to add this functionality ASAP!

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