For Workspaces that want a more branded experience, internally and externally, White Labeling is the perfect option. The White Label feature allows owners and admins to customize their Workspace logos, colors, and URLs!

Note: The White Label feature is exclusive to the Enterprise Plan. Learn more about our plans here.

gif of white labeling

How to White Label ClickUp

Note: By default, White Label settings are only accessible to the Workspace Owner.

  1. Visit your Workspace settings

  2. Toggle on White label

white label setting in my settings

3. Upload 3 assets to brand all ClickUp touch points

  • Round Logo
    - 72 X 72 px PNG
    - The round logo will be used in-app on the Workspace avatar

example of round logo avatar white label
  • Rectangle Logo
    - 232 X 48 px PNG
    - The rectangle logo will be used in-app on the top left corner, the login page, in emails, and on public links (e.g. Docs, Dashboards)

rectangle white label logo
  • Social Media Graphic
    - 500 X 260 px PNG
    - The social media image will serve as the preview image when links from ClickUp are shared

4. Select a default color theme for the entire Workspace

  • Members have the option to override their own color scheme when signing up

5. Create a custom URL

  • Publicly shared Forms and Docs will use this custom URL as well

6. Save your changes! You will be redirected to a log in screen on your brand new, custom URL!


Q: Do users have to use my Custom URL to access the Workspace?

A: No. In addition to your Custom URL, you'll always be able to log in from our website and access your Workspace from

Q: When I send someone a link that includes my Custom URL, do they need to be logged in?

A: Yes. Users will need to be signed in through your Custom URL (not through in order to open links that include your Custom URL.

Q: Can I access a Custom URL through the mobile app?

A: Custom URLs don't work with our mobile app at this time. We're working to add this functionality soon!

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