ClickUp's Discord integration makes it easier than ever to chat with your team about what's going on in your Workspace. Learn how to automatically send ClickUp notifications to any Discord channel and customize which notifications you receive!

Important: Due to restrictions imposed by Discord, you're limited to installing the integration on one server. You may be unable to install while we go through the approval process. This is temporary and we hope to have this lifted soon.

How to Enable the Discord Integration

Step 1: Authorize Discord

Note: Only Workspace admins have access to integrations.

  1. Go to the Integrations page in your Workspace Settings

  2. Select Discord

  3. Click Add to Discord

  4. Grant ClickUp access

ClickUp notifications on Discord

To note: Announcement Channels are not selectable in the ClickUp integration at this time, but if you would like to see this added to the integration, add your vote to this feature request to be notified if this is changed in the future!

Discord Notifications

Connect your ClickUp Workspace to any Discord channel to instantly send notifications when activity happens in ClickUp.

Receive the following types of notifications:

  • Task created

  • Assignee changed

  • Status changed

  • New attachment

  • New comment

Note: You're only able to post on channels accessible by the person who set up Discord.

ClickUp Notifications in Discord

Coming Soon!

We have more updates planned for our Discord integration, including updates with our Automations to give you more control over your notifications.

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