This revolutionary view is lightning fast, visually simple, and makes it incredibly easy to navigate between fields, edit in bulk, and export data.

In Table view, every row is the same height, every field is a column, and by default, there is no separation by List or status. Overall, Table view offers a more condensed view - great for viewing a ton of information at once.

Soon, we'll be adding advanced features like LookUp and RollUp to create relationships between tasks

How to add a Table view

  1. Click on the + sign in any List, Folder, or Space
  2. Select Table
  3. Give it a name
  4. Mark it as a Personal view
  5. Pin the view for quick access!

How to use a Table view

Table allows you to choose what you want to see and hide what you don't!

For example, you always see tags on List view with no option to hide them. However, in Table view, tags are a column you can hide if they aren't relevant to you. 🙌


Easily copy and paste your Table info into other programs, like Excel. Just click and drag to highlight the cells you want to copy.

Note: We don't allow pasting into ClickUp from programs like Excel or Google Sheets at this time.

Pin Columns

Pin a column to stay visible as you scroll through your Table! To do so, just click the column title you want to pin and select Pin Column .

Change Row Height

Adjust the height of your rows to create a visually appealing view. Select Row height in the right-hand corner and choose your preferred version.

Share Publicly

Publicly share your Tables with anyone via a secret URL! Your Table views will be shared as view-only. Update clients instantly or share Table views with people that are too stubborn to join your Workspace. 😉

Keyboard Navigation

Use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate between cells and quickly update information along the way.

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