ClickUp's native Automations also support workflows with external applications.

With the Calendly integration, when an invitee schedules an event in Calendly, you can automatically create a task in ClickUp with all of the meeting's information! This is great for organizing logistics and action plans with your team based off of scheduled events.

Note: Due to Calendly limitations, you must have a Calendly premium account to use this Automation.

How to enable Calendly

1. Open the Automation Center in ClickUp

Select the List you'd like to automate and open the Automation center. Click the Calendly option in the sidebar to see all of the Automations you can create!

Photo showcasing where to find the Calendly Automation within ClickUp

Once you've chosen the Automation you want to create, you'll be taken to a new screen where you can add an account OR pick from any existing accounts that you have access to.

2. Connect your Calendly account

  1. Click on the Calendly Automation

  2. Name your Authentication

  3. Go to to get your Calendly API token

Photo of the API key found with Calendly's integrations page

4. Enter the token in ClickUp

Photo of where to enter the account name and auth token for Calendly

5. Set who will be able to use this account to create Automations

A photo showing who can create automations from your Calendly account

Note: Once you save an account, you cannot edit it. The only way is to remove that account and re-authenticate it. Removing an account will not break any Automations that use that account. It will just make that account unavailable as an option when creating new Automations.

That's it! You're ready to set up Calendly Automations in ClickUp.

What you can do with Calendly Automations

Calendly Triggers

  • When an event is created

Actions available in ClickUp

Currently, the only action available in ClickUp when using a Calendly trigger is to create a task with the event information.

Calendly Actions

There are none available at this time.

Data mapping

Dynamically map data when creating a new task! Open the drop-down next to a field to see all supported fields from Calendly. Set static values if you want to do something like assign every task created to a certain person! Even more powerful is the ability to insert data from Calendly into text fields dynamically. This means you can have custom generated titles, descriptions, or more!

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