ClickUp's native Automations also support workflows with external applications.

Integrate Twilio to automate your workflow within ClickUp! Send custom SMS text messages when certain actions occur in ClickUp to keep everyone in the loop.

How to enable Twilio

1. Open the Automation center in ClickUp

Select the List you'd like to automate and open the Automation center. Click the Twilio option in the sidebar to see all of the Automations you can create!

Once you've chosen the Automation you want to create, you'll be taken to a new screen where you can add an account OR pick from any existing accounts that you have access to.

2. Add your Twilio account

  1. Click Connect Account
  2. Enter your account token and account SID. You can find these by going to Twilio > Console > Console Dashboard where you can copy and paste the account SID and the auth token (account token below)

3. Set who will be able to use this account to create Automations

Note: Once you save an account, you cannot edit it. The only way is to remove that account and re-authenticate it. Removing an account will not break any automations that use that account. It will just make that account unavailable as an option when creating new automations.

That's it! You're ready to setup Twilio Automations in ClickUp.

What you can do with Twilio Automations

Send text messages when something happens in ClickUp! For example, keep a client updated on the status of a project without having them ever open ClickUp by automatically messaging them of any changes.

Setting up Twilio Automations

  1. In the sender field, enter a phone number that is linked with the Twilio account you're using

2. In the recipient field, enter any number you'd like to send a text to

3. Write the message you want to send. You can even insert values from the

task itself (including custom fields)!

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