For time tracking reporting in ClickUp, use widgets to build your own Time Tracking Dashboard!

Available Widgets

  • Time Reporting
  • Time Sheet
  • Billable Report
  • Time Estimated
  • Time Tracked

How Time Tracking Widgets Work

Time Reporting

See all your time entries, filter by multiple properties, and display in customizable groups.

  • Group by task, List, Folder, or Space and users up to two levels through the grouping menu in the widget settings
  • Toggle on Time Estimates to display the estimated time in a column
  • Select billable or non-billable time entries from the dropdown

Time Sheet

See time tracked for a given week, month, or any custom range.

  • Drill down to the task and the individual time entry
  • Show time grouped by day and compare against a 12 hour day
  • Get a grand total of time per selected time range

Note: if you would like to change the time from a 12 hour day, you can set the default number of hours in a workday in the Time Estimates ClickApp.

Billable Report

Similar to the time reporting widget, billable time is a quick way to display a report with only billable time.

Time Estimated (legacy)

Quickly view time as a team resource for planning projects.

  • The time remaining indicator calculates (time estimated) - (time logged) to determine whether or not your goals are on schedule
  • This report does not provide a time period filter. Time estimated is not inherently related to exact dates. Therefore, adding a time period filter for this feature would render its comparison with the time tracked feature useless.
  • This widget also gives you the ability to export much more data.

Time Tracked (legacy)

See a total of how much time each person in your Workspace has tracked.

  • With cumulative time tracking logs for each Workspace user, there‚Äôs accurate information on how time-consuming a List of tasks has been
  • This includes time tracked manually and automatically, such as with the ClickUp Chrome extension, Toggl and Harvest
  • Export the data for even more information

How to Build a Time Tracking Widget

  1. Select the Location (only applicable to Time Estimated & Time Tracked): Select one or multiple Spaces, Folders, or Lists within your Workspace
  2. Set the Time Range: Choose how much time you want included such as this year, month, week or a custom time frame
  3. Select Grouping (only applicable to Time Reporting & Billable Reporting): Select how you want time to be grouped, and even add a second level!
  4. Choose Time Labels: Filter the time entries by labels added to the time entry
  5. Select People: Select who's time you want included in the report
  6. Determine Billable: Choose whether you want to display billable, non-billable, or both
  7. Include Archived: Toggle archived tasks to be included or excluded
  8. Show Time Estimates: Toggle on to show how much time was estimated
  9. Include tasks in Multiple Lists: Toggle on to display time tracked from tasks in Multiple Lists
  10. Add a Filter: Add additional filters to further adjust the scope of your widget
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