Find yourself duplicating the same task or constantly moving it between Lists? Wish there was a way to keep them all in sync? Add the same task to more than one List!

How it works

A task will always live in its home List (which is the list farthest to the *left* in task view), but you're also able to add a task to more than one List. This allows you to create organized Lists without affecting the Folder or List structure of other Lists!

For example, you can create a "backlog" List where all of your tasks live, while also creating separate Lists for each Sprint. The tasks can still live in the "backlog" List while also being part of the Sprints Lists!

Because it's the same task, regardless of which List it's in, any edits made or comment left will be displayed no matter which List you're viewing from.

Important: Sharing, Permissions, and Statuses will always be inherited from the home List (the List farthest to the left in the task view). Currently, users must have access to the home List in order to see the task.

This feature is not available in Gantt view at the moment.

How to add a task to another List

  1. Turn on the ClickApp
  2. At the top of your task, next to your task location, locate the move icon. Hover your mouse to the right of the icon to reveal the +
  3. Click the + to reveal a drop-down for selecting another List
  4. Once selected, the List name will appear to the right of the current task location. If the task is on multiple Lists, the names will be collapsed to save space.
  5. When the option to view subtasks as separate tasks in List view is enabled, subtasks from tasks in Multiple Lists will also appear separate.

How to add multiple tasks to another List

  1. Hover next to the tasks you want to add and click the circle
  2. Navigate to the Multitask Toolbar
  3. Select the + icon to reveal the location picker
  4. Select the List you want to add the tasks to
  5. Your tasks can now be viewed on both Lists!

When you add tasks to multiple Lists, the task will keep the statuses from the original list. If the status is not found in the new location, a tab will appear on the section to indicate a status is from another location.

Removing tasks from multiple lists

  1. Open the task
  2. Navigate to the top left breadcrumb section
  3. Click on the x next to the List you want to remove
  4. The task has now been removed from that location

Quickly select multiple tasks and remove the secondary location using the Multitask Toolbar!

Custom fields

Tasks will inherit custom fields from all locations that task is added too. To see all tags just open up the task view and navigate to the custom fields section in the sidebar. You will find an aggregate List of fields from all locations that task lives.

Note: Tasks in multiple Lists are supported in Automations and Multitask Toolbar actions


Tasks shared to another List will be accessible by anyone on any of the task's Lists. No need to worry about granting permission for each task, just add it with the List you want people to have access to!

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