Create your own free-form Mind Map for planning and organizing projects, ideas, or start building off of what you've already created in ClickUp. The world is your oyster!

Users on Free Forever and Unlimited Plan Workspaces have 100 uses. Business+ Workspaces have full access to Mind Maps. Learn more about our plans here.

How to add a Mind Map

Click + View in any List, Folder, or Space

  1. Select Mind Map
  2. Give it a name
  3. Mark it as a Personal view
  4. Pin the view for quick access!

Tasks Mode

In Tasks mode, easily rearrange your Workspace by dragging branches to adjust where nodes are located, and organize them into logical paths. Quickly create, edit, and delete tasks (and subtasks) right from your view!

Creating and deleting tasks

  1. Select a List node
  2. Click + to add a new task
  3. Write in the task title
  4. Click enter to save

Moving task from one location to another

  1. Click on the branch of the task
    - A diamond will appear at the end of the branch
  2. Grab and move the diamond to the new List

Filtering Mind Maps

When a filter is applied in Tasks mode, all empty branches will be hidden - leaving you just the results from the task filter!

Blank Mode

In Blank mode, you can create Mind Maps where nodes don't have to connect to any task structure. Create as many nodes as you like for reference points and quickly convert them to tasks in any List in your Workspace.

Creating and deleting

There are two forms of node creation within the Blank mode: the node toolbar or your keyboard.

  1. Click on a node
  2. Use the icon on the bottom to create a sibling node
  3. Use the + on the end to create a new child node

Drag and drop

Move a node and its connected branch by dragging it to any other node.

Alternatively, you can use the same method outlined in Tasks mode by clicking the branch and moving the diamond to a new node.

Sibling Node Formatting Issues

When adding a sibling node, if you find that your Mind Map's formatting begins to overlap, you can fix the formatting grabbing the root node in your Mind Map. Then, position the nodes however you like, and their location will be preserved.

Want to organize all nodes? Click Re-Layout to arrange them all automatically!


Share your Mind Maps publicly with anyone outside your Workspace to keep everyone up to date on how your project is progressing. Public sharing allows the Mind Map to stay updated with those who are viewing it.

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