Do you have tasks in statuses that shouldn't be considered started yet? Use Not Started statuses to separate statuses like Open, Backlog, Pending, and more!

By enabling the Not Started Status Group ClickApp, you can differentiate between work that has started versus not started throughout your Workspace.

Expand your workflow by adding the Not Started group to the 3 existing groups in ClickUp:

  1. Not Started

  2. Active

  3. Done

  4. Closed

Having tasks with a Not Started status allows for more flexibility when it comes to reporting.

You're able to have multiple statuses before actually moving a task into an Active state, giving you more accurate reports for things like Cycle Time and other Status Dashboard widgets.

Enable the Not Started Status Group ClickApp

You can enable the Not Started Status Group ClickApp for your Workspace.

Once enabled, the first status under the Active Statuses section, such as To do or Open, will be moved to the Not Started section.

Note: You must be a Workspace owner or admin to manage ClickApps.

  1. Click your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner

  2. Select ClickApps

  3. Browse or search for the Not Started Status Group ClickApp

  4. Click the Not Started Status Group ClickApp to enable it in your Workspace

Screenshot of the Not Started Status Group ClickApp

Add Not Started Statuses

You can add any number of statuses to the Not Started group, just like you would any other status.

  1. Click on the Space, Folder, or List settings ellipsis in the Sidebar

  2. Click Statuses or List Status to open the status editor

  3. Click + Add status under Active statuses

  4. Name your new status

  5. Press return or enter to create the new status

  6. Drag and drop your newly created status into the Not Started section

  7. Place your new status at the top of the list to set as the default for newly created tasks in this Space, Folder, or List

Gif showcasing how to edit and create Not Started statuses

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