We've built a better way to keep your priorities focused... LineUp™️! This is just the start of a new way to focus on what matters.

LineUp™️ is a prioritized order of tasks for each person. Now, you'll always know each person's main focus and priority.

It answers the questions: What should I work on next? What are Sarah's priorities right now?

LineUp gives transparency and openness into what people are working on. And if you don't want to use it, simply turn off the ClickApp!

Adding tasks to LineUp

LineUp is accessible from your Home. You can also view what others have in their LineUp by clicking on their Profile.

Option 1:

  1. Click into your Home (h)

  2. Locate the "LineUp" section

  3. Hover over the top right to click the +Add to LineUp

  4. Alternatively, drag and drop tasks from anywhere in your Home into your LineUp

Option 2:

  1. Click into a task

  2. Click the ... menu

  3. Select LineUp

  4. Choose who's LineUp to add the task to
    Note: Lineup is currently unavailable to Guests.

Image showing how to add tasks to your LineUp from the task's right click menu

Option 3:

  1. Open a Profile

  2. Select the + at the top

  3. Find the task you want to add

  4. Add it to the LineUp!

Image showing how to add tasks to LineUp from within a user's Profile

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