Centralize feedback and expedite approval processes with Proofing by assigning comments directly on task attachments! Proofing is perfect for:

  • Providing clear markers on design mockups
  • Highlighting markups needed on legal contracts
  • Streamlining marketing creative review

Workspaces on the Free Forever or Unlimited Plan have 100 uses. Business+ Workspaces have unlimited access. Learn more about our plans here.

How to add comments to attachments

  1. Open a task
  2. Open any of the following attachment types:
    - PNG
    - GIF
    - JPEG
    - WEBP
    - PDF
  3. Click Add comments in the upper right of the preview window
  4. Click on the attachment preview wherever you want to add a comment
  5. Assign the comment (or leave open for anyone)
  6. Your comment will now appear in the comments column next to the attachment
Adding a comment to an attachment

If you have an assigned comment in a task attachment, it will appear in your Home as well as in the task assigned comments section. A small thumbnail preview will be appear to know exactly what the comment is referring to.

Assigned comment to a task attachment

Power Tip: Proofing works perfectly with our Chrome extension! Mark up images from the extension, attach them to a task, and add comments to the attachment with Proofing.

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