Are you tired of having to individually assign tasks to multiple people? Or maybe you're unsure of who to assign tasks to? 

With Teams, you can create groups of people that you can assign to tasks, mention in comments, and even add watchers in bulk. 

For example, you could create a "Design" team, and if you're unsure of which individual to assign a new design task to, you can assign it to the whole team and figure it out later! Plus, if you have a question for the whole design team, just @mention them in a comment and the whole team will get notified! 

Teams save you tons of time when you're working with groups of people. 

Unlimited Plan Workspaces are able to create one team. Business Plan and above can create unlimited teams. Learn more about our plans here.

How to create a Team

Note: Only Admins and Owners can create Teams and add/remove members.  

  1. Go to your Workspace settings

  2. Select Teams  

  3. Click Create Team  

  4. Name your Team

  5. Add members, including guests, to the Team

Involved in multiple groups or departments? No worries! There's no limit to how many Teams you can be added to. 

What about guests?

When view-only guests are added to a Team, they will be considered paid guests, and will take up a paid guest seat.

This may add one or more member seats to your Workspace in order to cover the cost for the additional paid guest seats.

Where to use Teams

You can use Teams in the following areas:

Team Sharing

Note: Team Sharing is an Enterprise Plan feature! Learn more about our plans here.

When a task, List, Folder, Goal, Dashboard, or Doc is Private, you can share them with a Team!

To set tasks, Lists, and Folders as private and share them with others, follow these instructions.

Follow the steps in the privacy and sharing sections of these docs for:

Team Access and Privacy

If any member of a Team does not have access to an item, you'll be prompted to give them access and set permissions to either the item or location.

You will be able to choose to invite the members or click Don't notify to ignore.

You can also view what Teams a user is in by viewing their profile.

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