Do you have an awesome template you want to share with the world? Now, you can share templates with anyone inside or outside your Workspace.

Templates can be kept private, shared with your team, specific people, or you can share them with the world using a private URL.

Check out this article to learn how to create a template.

How to Share a Template

When you save a template, choose from the following share options:

  1. Only me
  2. All members
  3. Admins only
  4. Select people

You also have the option to toggle on public sharing so anyone outside your Workspace can access the template.

Once you hit save, you'll be redirected to the template center where you can grab a link to your public template (if set) or update permissions (if needed).

Template manager

You can access the template manager by going to the templates link in any dropdown templates can be found (learn more here).

Once in the template manager, see all templates for that type and update sharing permissions, including public links.

How to Add a Template from a URL

Note: Make sure the person adding the template is logged into their ClickUp account.

  • Navigate to the public link of the template you are trying to add
  • Select the Workspace you want to add the template to
  • Give the template a name
  • Select the location for this template
  • (Optional) Check the box to save a copy of this template to your Workspace for future use
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