Do you have an awesome template you want to share with the world? Now, you can share templates with anyone inside or outside your Workspace.

Templates can be kept private, shared with your team, specific people or Teams, or you can share them with the world using a private URL.

Check out this article to learn how to create a template.

Note: Team Sharing is an Enterprise Plan feature. At this time, you aren't able to share templates with Teams that include guests.

How to Share a Template

  1. Select ... settings from a List, Folder, or Space from the sidebar

  2. Select Template Center

  3. Select Browse Templates

4. Select the template you want to share

5. Select the Share button from the top right

When you save a template, choose from the following share options:

  1. Only me

  2. Everyone (including guests)

  3. All members

  4. Admins only

  5. Select people and Teams

Public sharing

You also have the option to toggle on public sharing so anyone outside your Workspace can access the template.

Once you hit save, you'll be redirected to the template center where you can grab a link to your public template (if set) or update permissions (if needed).

Share with community

Build a template that you think would be helpful for others?

Select Submit for review, fill out the required fields, and our team will review for a chance to be included in our Community Templates! We'll also credit you if you'd like!

Template Center

You can access the Template Center by selecting the Browse Templates from the Template Center selection link in settings of your List, Folder, or Space (learn more here).

Once in the Template Center, you can create, edit, preview, and share templates.

Sharing a Template via URL

Make a copy of any item in your Workspace and easily share it with colleagues or friends! You can also use this process to transfer items between your own Workspaces!

Do this all by sharing a template!

Note: For assignees and @ mentions to be retained in the template, those users must be included in the destination Workspace.

After creating a template following the steps above, copy the public link for the template.

The person who wants to receive and open the template should be signed into their ClickUp account on a web browser and in a new tab, paste that template link.

Then you'll see a screen that prompts you to:

  1. Select the Workspace where you want to add the template

  2. Give the item a name

  3. Decide where in your hierarchy the item will be placed

  4. Choose the option to save the item as a template in the destination Workspace

  5. Select 'Use template' and let the magic happen!

Once the item has been generated, this is now completely independent and any changes made will remain only in this Workspace.

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