Built a wiki you love? Do your Docs contain content to use again and again? Now, you're able to save Docs as templates! Load project outlines, meeting notes, syllabi, and more to start drafting right away.

Check out this article to learn all about templates in ClickUp.

How to Create a New Doc Template

  1. Create a Doc

  2. Navigate to the ... menu at the top right of the Doc

  3. Select Template Center > Save as Template

  4. Give your template a name

  5. Choose your sharing options

  6. Click Save

Note: Doc templates save the entire Doc, allowing you to save multi-page templates!

Saving a doc as a template

For each template you create, you'll be able to share it with:

  1. Only me

  2. All members of my Workspace

  3. Admins of my Workspace only

  4. Select people I share the link with

  5. Publicly through a URL

Select who you'd like to share your doc template with

Loading a Template

  1. Create a Doc

  2. Navigate to the ... menu at the top right of the doc

  3. Select Template Center > Load a Template

  4. Search for the template you wish to apply to preview

  5. Select Use Template

  6. Enter Doc name

  7. Select Use Template OR use click Quick Use when you hover over the Doc template for fast implementation!

template center

Use /Slash Commands

Save extra clicks by using the template /Slash Command /temp to apply a doc template:

  1. View recently used doc templates (use the up and down arrows to pick one!)

  2. Click Browse to search the Template Center for other doc templates

  3. Type in the name of a doc template to search for it

  4. Press enter to append the doc template to your doc

Updating & Overwriting a Template

To update or overwrite a Doc template:

  1. Create or open an existing Doc with the template

  2. Select settings ... from the top right

  3. Select Template Center

  4. Select Update an existing template

  5. Choose an existing template

  6. Select Next

  7. Select sharing settings and details (make sure the name is the same if you are updating or overwriting)

  8. Click Save

updating an existing template

How to Create a New Page Template

  1. Navigate to the ... menu for a page within your Doc

  2. Select Template > Save as Template

  3. Give your template a name

  4. Choose your sharing options

  5. Click Save

Saving a new page as a template

How to Apply a Page Template

  1. Open your Doc

  2. Navigate to the ... menu for any page

  3. Select Template > Browse Templates

  4. Search and find your Page Template

  5. Select Use Template and it will append at the end of the Doc

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