Pulse is just the beginning of a fundamentally new way to work remotely.

Pulse uses machine learning to know what you're most focused on right now. Using the tasks you're working on most, Pulse creates automatic activity reports to easily see where time is being spent.

Ever get through a busy day and wonder what you worked on? Or maybe working remotely has everyone disconnected, and you're here to ensure urgent tasks are being worked on. Now you can see it all with Pulse!

Get granular with pulse data by turning on the Show details option

Pulse data can only be viewed inside the Workspace. You cannot export the data.

How to enable (or disable) Pulse

  1. Visit your Workspace settings (you must be an Admin or Owner)

  2. Select ClickApps

  3. Locate the Pulse ClickApp and toggle on

  4. Choose who gets to see Pulse activity:
    - Everyone (excluding guests)
    - Admins only

Toggle on the Pulse ClickApp in the ClickApps section of your Workspace

The Pulse ClickApp is not available when using a Personal Workspace Layout.

What you can do with Pulse

  1. See the activity across your Workspace for any day, based on users being online per hour. 

Amount of activity amongst members throughout the day

2. See who's online and offline. 

See who's online and who's offline

3. See trending tasks for people! This is based on task activity for viewing, commenting, and editing tasks in ClickUp.

See trending tasks for people based on task activity

4. See in real-time what tasks people are viewing or commenting so you can jump in and collaborate like never before! 

See what people are working on at the moment

Here's some cool ideas for using Pulse:

  • Automate your scrum meetings!

  • Know what you worked on for the day to stay laser focused

  • See who's online right now

  • Ensure everyone is aligned on priorities

  • See busy times during your team's day 

Free Forever plans have 100 uses, Unlimited Plans can view activity from today, and Business Plan members have the ability to view all historical data. To learn about our different plans, click here.

This proprietary feature is the first of its kind - to help us keep improving send us your ideas and suggestions here.

Check out Home for the most important items in your Workspace to know exactly what to focus on every day.

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