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Enabling Custom SAML

To set up Single Sign On with an SAML 2.0 Identity Provider (IDP) of your choosing, you must have an owner or admin enter the appropriate configuration in the Workspace Settings dashboard.

Step 1

In your Workspace's Security & Permissions, select the SAML option to begin the setup process. Note that any previous SSO settings that you had previously will be overwritten. 

Step 2

Have your IT team set up the necessary IDP configuration. This will be specific to whatever identity provider your organization uses. The Audience URI and Single Sign On URL will be required for the set up. To get the certificate for the service provider, visit the Audience URI in a browser to extract it from the metadata XML file.

Step 3

Once your IT team has configured the IDP, have them provide you with the rest of the required fields (Issuer URI, Login URL, and IDP Public Certificate). Once you save these fields you will be prompted to login with the new SSO settings. This will verify a correct setup as well as create a link between the ClickUp account you are using to set up SSO for your Workspace and the IDP account that you are logging in with.

Step 4

Navigate to your user profile and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. If the link was successful, you should see that your user profile is linked to your custom IDP. You can use the Unlink  and Relink  button to change which account on the IDP is associated with the logged in ClickUp account.

Linking Individual Users

After your workspace has been set up to use Custom SAML for SSO, each individual user must link their ClickUp account with their account in the IDP in order to login using SSO. 

Require SSO

You can enable your workspace to force users to use SSO when logging into their ClickUp accounts. When this option is enabled, each user will be prompted to link their IDP account with on screen instructions. The option to require SSO exists under the Security & Permissions tab. 

The next time your users log in to ClickUp, they will be prompted with the following screen. Additionally, new users you invite to your Workspace will receive the following prompt when creating their account. 

If you do not require SSO to login to your organization's Workspace, each user will have to manually link their account in order to use SSO to login. To do this, have each user navigate to their user profile settings, and scroll all the way to the bottom. They should see a link button next to the Workspace's provider. Once the follow that link and sign in to their IDP account, they will be able to sign in with SSO

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