Make remote work seamless by starting a meeting right from a task. Instantly get notified to join a meeting in progress and receive meeting details and a link to the recording in your task afterwards!

Enabling the Zoom ClickApp

  1. Visit your Workspace settings (you must be an admin or owner)

  2. Select ClickApps

  3. Locate the Zoom ClickApp and toggle on

  4. Once enabled, a Zoom icon will appear at the top of every task, allowing you to start a meeting (or use the /zoom command)! 

How to connect your Zoom in ClickUp

  1. Navigate to the Zoom integration under the My Apps area in your settings

  2. Click Connect

  3. Sign in to your Zoom account

  4. When prompted, accept the ClickUp app request to add it to your account

How to start a Zoom meeting in ClickUp

  1. Open a task

  2. Click Zoom meeting icon OR use the /zoom command

  3. Link your Zoom account through the pop-out

  4. Instantly join a meeting!

The Zoom meeting topic will be the title of the task the meeting was started from.

When a meeting is started, the link to join will automatically be posted in a comment, and watchers will be notified. The unfurled link includes a quick join button and other details about the meeting in progress. When the meeting ends, a link to the recording (if recording was enabled) will also be added to your task automatically.

Note: Automatic posting of meeting recordings are only supported for paid Zoom accounts with cloud recording enabled.

How to remove ClickUp from your Zoom

  1. Login to your Zoom account and head over to the Zoom App Marketplace

  2. Go to "Manage" and find the "Installed Apps" section

  3. Select the ClickUp app

  4. Click uninstall

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