Conditions (in Automations) are what must be true in order for an Automation to run. 

In the Automation schema, the Conditions part is highlighted below:

When this happens, and this is true (Condition), then do this. 

Conditions have to be set before the Trigger for an Action to happen.

ClickUp Automation Condition showcasing certain status must be met for the Automation to run

Note: Conditions are available on our Business Plan and above. 

Available Conditions

  • Assignee: Filter for specific users, all, or none 

  • Status: Choose tasks in a certain stage of your workflow

  • Due date: Select a specific date or a before/after date

  • Start date: Check for tasks with specified start dates. Select a specific date or a before/after date.

  • Priority: Sift out tasks that don't have a certain priority

  • Tag: Set your Condition to match any or all selected tags. You can also filter for all tasks that do not contain tags.

  • Custom Fields: Filter for a completely unique task field like a value, budget, or really anything!

  • Time Estimates: Filter out tasks that do/don’t contain estimates. You can also specify a greater than/less than/equal to value for the Condition.

  • Watcher: Filter for specific users, all, or none 

  • Email: Populate the email fields to , cc , bcc , subject, and body with organic and/or dynamic content. You can also populate the body using variable fields*, signature, templated responses, emojis, and more.

*Variable field options include:

  • To - creator email, assignee(s) email custom

  • Subject/Body - task ID, task name, task description, assignees, creator username, creator email, due date, start date, date created, date updated, date done, date closed, status name, status color, status type, priority, custom emails, email custom fields

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