With ClickUp Automations, you're able to set up combinations of Triggers and Actions to help automate repetitive actions - saving time and allowing you to focus on things that matter.

You can:

  1. Choose from hundreds of prebuilt templates

  2. Create your own custom Automations

  3. Use multiple Actions chained together on our Business Plan and above

  4. Specify Conditions for when Automations should run

Here are some ideas for your own Automations!

  • Automatically assign people to tasks

  • Post a comment when a status or assignee changes

  • When a priority changes, add a tag to the task

  • When a due date arrives, change the status

  • or create your own! 🚀


At its core, it looks like this... When this happens (trigger) and this is true (condition) then do this (action). 

  1. Trigger: This must happen in order to start an Automation

  2. Condition: This must be true in order to continue the Automation

  3. Action: This is what happens after an Automation is started 

Read more about: Triggers, Conditions, and Actions.  

How to Enable (or Disable) the Automation ClickApp

To use automations, you will need to first enable the Automation ClickApp in your Workspace!

How to Create an Automation

  1. Open a List (or click the ellipsis button next to a Space or Folder in the sidebar)

  2. Locate the Automate button in the top right corner of any view

  3. Click +Add Automation  

  4. Choose a prebuilt Automation OR create a custom Automation

  5. Modify your Trigger  

  6. If on the Business Plan, add Conditions   

  7. Choose your Action
    - Add multiple Actions on the Business Plan

  8. Create your Automation!

Walkthrough of creating a custom Automation

If you want assignees or watchers to automatically be assigned to new tasks, use the Quick Automation panel on any List, Folder, or Space:

Example of the Quick Automation panel to always assign tasks or always assign watchers

You can access other customization settings as well from the Automate button's dropdown menuincluding Templates, ClickApps (if you have edit permissions), Statuses, and Custom Fields.

Note: The Automate button will appear as "Customize" if the Automations ClickApp is turned off or if you don't have access to the Automations ClickApp settings.

Automations at the Space and Folder Level

Automations created at the Space level will apply to all tasks within every List and Folder of the Space!

To create an automation at the Space level, you can click on the ellipses "..." menu next to a Space's name then select "Automations" from the dropdown!

When viewing the Space, you can also click on the Automate button under the Space's name to create the automation!

Similarly, automations created at the Folder level will apply to all tasks within every List of the Folder!

To create an automation at the Folder level, you will need to click on the ellipses "..." button next to the Folder's name then select "Automations" from the dropdown!

You are also able to add an automation at the Folder level by clicking on the Automations button under the Folder's name when viewing the Folder!

Third-Party Automations

ClickUp's native Automations also support workflows with external applications. Currently, we have options for:

How to Manage Your Automations

Keep track of all the Automations you have for a given location in the Manage tab of your Automation panel. 

  • View how many Automations are active in that location

  • Toggle on/off any Automations

  • Edit any existing Automation

  • Delete Automations you no longer want

  • Add a description to differentiate your Automations

  • See the person who last updated the Automation + the date and time of the edits

Note: Preserve your Automations when duplicating or using a template in your Workspace!

Options available to copy Lists, Folders, and Spaces include keeping or removing Automations

Usage Limits

The amount of Automations you have available depends on your plan. After gathering more data and ensuring stability, we may increase limits and/or base limits per seat rather than per Workspace.

  • Free Forever: 100 actions/month

  • Unlimited: 1,000 actions/month

  • Business: 10,000 actions/month

  • Business Plus: 25,000 actions/month

  • Enterprise: 250,000 actions/month

Usage limits reset on the first of every month (Pacific Time)! Learn more about our various plans here.

How to purchase more Automation uses

Note: You must be on a paid plan to purchase more Automation uses.

  1. Click on your profile avatar and choose "Billing"

  2. Choose the automation add-on option that is right for you!

An image that shows where to purchase extra Automations

Usage alert emails

Usage alert emails will be automatically sent to owners and admins of Workspaces: 

  1. Approaching limit (90%)

  2. Exceeding limit (over 100%)

What happens when an Automation fails? 

If for any reason, an Automation fails - we'll automatically pause the Automation and email the person that created it. They'll be given a link to fix the Automation.

How to Automations work with users in multiple time zones?

Automations that use or set dates will use the timezone preferences of the user who created the Automation.

Do Automations apply to tasks created via the ClickUp API?

Yes! Automations work on tasks created or updated through our API, web browser, desktop, and mobile apps!

How do Automations that are included in templates work?
Automations included in List, Folder, and Space templates will apply to all new tasks created or added to that location after the template has been applied. Automations won't apply to the tasks that are included in the template.

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