Advanced permissions are exclusive to the Enterprise Plan. To learn about our different plans, click here

How to access

  1. Click your avatar in the bottom lefthand corner of your Workspace
  2. Select Settings  
  3. Click Security & Permissions 
  4. Edit any of your advanced options!

Custom Roles

Create new roles (other than guest, member admin) like: super admin, editor, limited member, or any role that suits your needs! Additionally, Workspace owners have the ability to designate who can create and edit Custom Roles.

Custom Permissions

Change permissions and security settings for guests, members, and admins. Get granular control in choosing what people can do in your Workspace!

Allow admins to manage private Spaces

Workspace owners on the Enterprise Plan have the option to allow admins to add/remove people from Spaces. This makes managing Spaces easier than ever, especially for Enterprises with tons of Spaces and hundreds or thousands of people.

Users have the option to prevent management of Spaces they currently own, if they choose, to ensure privacy and security is still preserved when needed.

Block public sharing

Keep your privacy in check by ensuring nothing is being shared without your knowledge.

Admins have the ability to see all publicly shared areas in the Workspace and can easily turn them off if needed.

You're also able to set a publicly shared link to expire after 1 year. This makes it easy to turn Public Sharing off without having to set a reminder.

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